Sunday, July 13, 2014

P=NP: "In layman's terms"

There is this pattern where the expression P=NP is said. I have taken some time, and jotted down where I crossed an occurrence of how it could have been said. Most likely, people do not know what "P" or "NP" stands for and heard it said from their kids.

I wrote code
I had code
I tested code
I trimmed code.
I tested code
The code passed
Teacher tested code
The code failed
I immediately added my patch of code I had earlier.
Teachers retested code.
The code passed.

It is an attempt to apply an equation to well-known methods.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Last Mile Decentralization

Monopolization of cellular towers by the State is simple as eminent domain. We might as well write the program where the user clicks on the map, and the map signals what area and location to send work orders from State agencies. The State may invest in technology that helps determine the location of each cellular tower within State territory.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Superstition: "Your Religion Is Out There"

I found two scriptures that mention superstition . My post of Atatürk's quote received some comments I only acknowledged. His quote is not useless despite whatever history of him. Anyways, I dug it up because of constant insertions of superstition in anything about religion. We can walk away from the argument, but my gut tells me otherwise. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Vanity of True Ignorance

Why do some people make third world problems their first world problem, and then they blame it on everybody else? I often reflect what others have said, but I draw the limit on before it becomes pride. As others spread the problem and expect people to respect their pride at the same time, that is where the issues appears. I have listened, but don't assume I made your problem that you have brought here any worse.

How do people ignore the fact that their complaints broadly against the government is no different from any racial slur, denied rights, gender issue, and so on BECAUSE the government is still THE PEOPLE. You can pretend there is absolutely no democracy, but then WE know your restated problem is only an act. People in the government work. If you separate yourself from the government and throws stones, that is your choice. How people in the government work is not always their choice.

It either takes strength or consistent behavior for active duty in the government. Government work is duty because its revenue is mainly based on taxes. For most government workers, funds are quite limited. These workers often do other work for more flexible income that is not based on taxes. There is no guarantee for that best case, however.

When others bring their problems here, their loud arguments of idolatry all touch on that best case like there are miracles right around the corner. You can continue to walk the path and turn the corner, but you will only find another path and another corner. Some people in the government walk that path and turn the corner with you, and they spend your taxes as fast as you two buy your next drink together.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Mein Kampf: My Struggle (Under Gravity)

Authoritarianism lives on without the Nazis. Who controls who now? I read on about the surge in eBook sales for Mein Kampf. This gravity, for control, reigns on even today.

Anybody from ariyan or related lineage knows how it feels to be treated as the worst piece of fecal matter that has ever fallen on this planet Earth. "My Struggle" is an appropriate title compared to any known pride. You probably heard about this as Nazi pride against Jewish pride, black pride against white pride, semites against anti-semites, ... vice-verse, but have you really heard of any ariyan pride? No. We all struggle under gravity. One point is the same for all of us on Earth.

Note that ariyan is the proto-race -- meaning it is not one specific race. The point is, how many are here on Earth compared to races against ariyans? For people that once ruled the Earth, why... now... the continued struggle without the saga? Maybe we have learned our lesson thousands of years before World War 2. Everybody being the same is the worst bit of racism. Genetics are engrained, and proto-races are *protected by laws of the world*. Archives exist. Brought back by Valkyries, this book literally remains against today's Authoritarians.

This is about language and the native people, and everything else done and said was ad nausuem to the cause. Strength in language, not strength in numbers. Power of only several hundred words, "and the word is good."

Monday, December 23, 2013

Blocking Victims of Missing Children

Have you blocked anybody? Did you report why you blocked people? That report option is available without any need to block. You also have the option to delete comments instead of any knee-jerk reaction to block people. You can also simply flag any unwanted comment without reason, without any specific report, and without prejudice. That flag might be the best option in consideration where the person you have blocked is the victim.

Recently, +Zohreen Adamjee blocked people that commented on her public news posts from +FOX40 News, and I found out the people she blocked did not block each other. We could complain and question it, but this article title already pointed out the real problem to blocking people. News anchor, +Stefanie Cruz, did protect our free speech, so we know there is more to what happened. Wide range of reactions is evident, if we continue to argue the case in point.

Twitter recently changed their blocking policy. In the past, when people were blocked, the tweets were no longer view-able by the accounts blocked. It was quite common to be blocked on Twitter over trivial character disagreement, and enough of those led to accounts being disabled, automatically. When Twitter changed there policy, tweets were still viewable unlike before. The blocked accounts could no longer address the accounts of who blocked them, however. I heard people complain about how useless it was to change it that way, but how many parents do you know that will block the other parent on their child's account? There is law code that is suppose to guarantee communication between children and parents. Twitter appeared to be the first to comply with the law in its change of policy.

Justine Sacco recently tweeted about her trip to South Africa, and wrote "Hope I don't get AIDS. Just kidding. I'm white!" We heard an on-slaught of racist claims made about that tweet. Did anybody consider that she did it to protect herself, so that won't become the victim? In my hacker knowledge, it raises flags that she wanted to be tracked on her adventure that she embarked. Maybe she wanted to prove the same case in point, as titled here, and we have seen the reaction.

Was the block ever the right reaction? I have not blocked anybody. We have seen people post and share missing persons reports, but when they have also blocked people they appear in contempt of their own actions. We have these G+ volume controls to help normalize the massive and quite diverse conversations that take place, so we know there are more options than blocking people, causing further victimization, and going against the law in regards to free speech and communication rights.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Delineation by Absence of Sound

Sound Wave by ~vladstudio on deviantART
Delineation by absence of sound is my description of how to quiet those voices in the head that everybody eventually deals with in their own way. There are those that claim the inner-voice and sounds heard is normal, as they state that is their very essence of body and mind. They present their belief as if everybody is made of sound. They also presented themselves as some kind of master race of the entire universe, all made of sound waves. Silence, if then possible, is their enemy they are willing to fight against to death.