Saturday, May 23, 2015

Imagine MSN on YouTube

Television networks have regularly scheduled content that is beyond entertainment. Unless that actors are complete fakes, the networks have shown us overly mushy career performers in lewd positions. As my curiosity level reached my tolerance level, I quickly found the right universal remote buttons. Right, yes, there must be something else on TV that is not that same kind of position by different actors. I fully realized why my grandparents always watched westerns and country music channels. Now, the commercials also broke, on schedule, that cool entertainment level, especially with previews of more positions. Why do the networks not move those commercials break to YouTube with their entertainment? Maybe some people want any kind of commercial and beyond, but I found the skip button quite useful.

Is There an Ethical Church?

After I opened the door to the group of Jehovah Witnesses, one put his face right next to my screen door as if he only wanted the best look inside my home. He invited me to his church for "free messages from the bible." Almost by instinct, I knew he said something illegal. My tone immediately dropped. I usually communicate for awhile with such bible inspired groups. When the introduction sounded like it was sold out before the door was opened, then keeping the peace is the only option.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

P=NP: "In layman's terms"

There is this pattern where the expression P=NP is said. I have taken some time, and jotted down where I crossed an occurrence of how it could have been said. Most likely, people do not know what "P" or "NP" stands for and heard it said from their kids.

I wrote code
I had code
I tested code
I trimmed code.
I tested code
The code passed
Teacher tested code
The code failed
I immediately added my patch of code I had earlier.
Teachers retested code.
The code passed.

It is an attempt to apply an equation to well-known methods.