Sunday, May 31, 2015

Pandered Anxiety: Fuel Of The Fire

Anxiety appeared viral. Authority continually misfed that virus and produced "gophers." With that in mind, it was viral as bacon, it was talk of better business, and it deterred exploitation. Overly anxious tendencies from early aged groups compulsively got the most attention or made the most distraction. Such groups learned how punishment enforces understanding. Better business meant rewards, and they partook, partied, and virally found more gophers.
     Realize that several people authored the Internet "Gopher" Protocol. Imagine your own custom, anecdotal links in the previous paragraph. Would that be better? At least the protocol is secular compared to the religious message that covers up details, stream-lines inferences, or compresses the cases of replicative events beyond physics. Instead of something more personal, this is like saying, "here is the fire hose." Amid the crowd of the anxious group, it is not safe to bring up life of the opposite types. Programmers know that any normal argument easily re-ignites their fire. That is proof how those compulsive actions led to (mass) oppression, but such proof is not acceptable to every type and sub-type.
     Instead, the gophers are fed the proof of the opposite. Eventually, they realize it does not personally benefit them. In the meantime, with self-inhibition to correct every bit of authority, business gets done while the virus now carries the real data. The alternative is drowning out the gophers.