Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Freelancer: Legalized Reference Algorithm

0-day viral markets ruined entrepreneurs on the information highway. System security became vulnerable upon each attack vector or consequent to each apprehension. Entrepreneurs, that survived, diverted disasters, for recovery, to freelancers. Entrepreneurs, then, bade farewell to any freelancer that lacks the simple explanation for 0-day viral markets.
     That kind of market carried madness, and here is an example case: websites that claim "linking to your own blog" is self-promotion is like driving safely to work everyday and still being pulled over each time. If those websites followed our laws, nobody votes for the first seven days after each new post unless it is an emergency. Those websites are selling "it's fun, and it's cool, to [break the law]." Sound familiar? This example conveyed how entrepreneurs claim more rights to references on their website while the same entrepreneurs called the cops on the freelancers' business. Like it was "weed," the entrepreneurs and henchmen, that run 0-day viral markets, inferred such freelancer references as internet highway "spam."
     To uninformed pedestrians and misguided henchmen: Spam can be the result of occasional disobedience or disorder directed at one group or done more anonymously. Any event worse than that directed at one specific address is blasphemy. If blasphemy interrupts your health or quality of your life, it probably is medical malpractice (currently being caught by "algorithms"). Life-threatening events are an emergency, and only then an exception exists to that seven day wait period. I found these terms and that wait condition support the legal solution that currently exists in law code.

Slyly Baptiste sold "reefers" to high school students.