Tuesday, June 2, 2015

96% Biodiversity At Our Disposal

Google revealed its Equal Employment Opportunity status. This showed it is embarrassing foreign while it claims diversity. Down to Earth, I thought less of how much each employee is paid and more about how much of our food supply goes to this apparently foreign mass that now lives in America. Our concern about food is higher while we experience drought in California.
     Yesterday, I spent eight hours in review of hundreds of career positions that this type of company hires. I found about ten written with American English. This reflected what the non-native beat looks like outside our capitol areas. Based on that rate, compared to one local report (not shown), there is more opportunity for the homeless near the capitol areas than what those career positions offered. I have known, in contrary, the difference between opportunity and foreign agenda. Our native culture remains in command among this mass, and it is no secret. Our legislative branch of our government has the most foreign agendas. I read and quickly disqualified about half of those career positions, likewise.
     If the career position listed forward-thinking statements, I passed it due it being against our law. Many of those companies claimed start-up status. If they dealt with the stock market, this law already prevented further progress on the market. In their request to demonstrate logical skills and marketability, I at least expected their legal market sense displayed in their pitch and description. I had one exception, that is on health care that wrote to fill-in the empty spaces, written with doctorate-ease.