Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Warriors and Women

"Through church or through the military, the mission is the only way to make it in life," said the now deceased man. By that motto, men either became warriors or doctors. Men earned selfless honor when each one completed their mission.
     Church girls waited for the return of their honored missionary. After the mission, each had the simple plan: get married, have children, prosper, and live on the promised land. Warriors had even bigger plans, after each one's mission, until women challenged the enlistment. These women warriors no longer had church in mind.
     These newer warriors knew their mothers and their doctors survived through the church. Even before women were let into the military, church members endlessly judged any man or woman who displayed any character or knowledge of the woman warrior. Church members knew such knowledge did not support their simple plan.
     Like some kind of predatory psycho-war, the male warrior appeared innocent to the people under that plan. When the male warrior appeared superior over the people, their simple plan kept civilians in debt to him and to the rest of the honored veterans. As the once patriotic solder became the superior male warrior, each changed their loyalty in support of genocide upon anybody, even fellow countrymen, who did not follow his simple plan. Historically, the doctor's psycho-war reinforced his plan.
     The entertainment industry, however, distracted the people beyond the historic church. While the technology advanced and while the entertainment became extremely "out there", the superior male warrior failed at further sophistication of his plan. Women warriors, meanwhile, invested into more technological advancements. These women warriors have had bigger plans than mere entertainment, without genocide, because of something more natural kept in-mind.