Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Cops Hate The President

If you do not like our U.S. President, then you are not any different from any police officer, law enforcement officer, or any deputy of an officer. Our American Government established purpose for that opposition, like opposing thumbs. Consider the person that is here in America and also hates the President, but the same person claims they are not any cop. That person's hate, without doubt, is some kind of foreign agenda. For scientists and federal investigators, the sound of this is business as usual. For religious people that exclaim, too easily or too often, "I do not understand," it is an endless argument that ignores our government's separation of church and state. That means our U.S. government requires authority for warrant of unpatriotic acts. Not understanding patriotism, or this authority, puts that foreign agenda, or you if it is you, in the court room under the Judge.