Friday, May 29, 2015

Daddy, What Did You Do In The War?

There was no online surveillance, like today. Look at the cases that occurred over the years. There was no difference between being on the front-lines compared to being home amid people that had no idea what it was like online. I watched the estimated lawsuits against the Sheriff for excessive force. Based on those estimates and without the lawsuit, I saved your tax money, millions of dollars, spent on law enforcement going straight into my pocket. Those times of Former Govenor Wilson was hard, and I thought of myself in their shoes when Sacramento was left off the map. Sacramento dealt with people on both sides. The people did not compare online telepresence as the same as their Second Amendment Rights. Thinking that way, we know there is more than two sides. Cinema made unplugging looked too easy, but I considered it like the shield that let us continue technological progress. Corporations labeled us as hackers for our knowledge of the bleeding edge. While veterans returned home, healed, grew families together, and were honored, we continually plugged away and pioneered synchronicity. The money is insane, like the Second Amendment. Any reference to the flag shall support our Constitution. Today, there are many task forces. "I'll be back!"