Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Original Sin of Organic Language & Synthetic Hypothesises

Notice that Fukushima already has taken action to hide investigation on causes beyond leaks. That's that kind of research we need to continue how this affects us humans. If theta waves dumbed us humans down, these investigations would be niche discoveries of evolution that has been hidden and greatly exaggerated as something else. That is "would be" because somehow they already know some reason to not allow such investigation. This has kept us in the passive viewpoint (like pseudo-fantasy) over how the environment effects us humans and how we continue to interface with our reality.

I bring more of the physical-ness out of mere fantasy because I find that is the cure to many of these hyped anonymities as inner-voices (see previous blog April 13th & 11th). Anything more than 3D is meta-physical, yet we need this much more to classify such objects.

(And objections...) I think the *simple* inner-voice case starts with the pressure of gender differences and further happens by theta-wave "bleed-overs". Due to some gender words of "He" in the bible and proper usage of deity-isms (and diet-isms), this effect is obvious of how women and men grow up. Is this method good for bots that worry about bolts and nuts? When people take too much salt or sugar... they get the opposite gender affect or 'mind-reader' syndrome. The "crystal radio" effect is why ( close enough comparison to bots). Crystal based electric-circuits were common for citizen band and hobbyists. The issue to point out is that the "crystal radio" effect, even if known well enough, assumes we are all of "sound mind". I disagree. If judiciaries require "sound mind", by statute, then here is where diversity doesn't happen.

For example: if any MRI finds some deteriorated brain, is that actually because that brain is not entirely of "sound mind" and not even deteriorated? (Actually I already know the answer to that...) The law requires the "sound mind", so instead of proven "guilty" or "innocence" we could MRI them to know "where you are guilty" and "where you are innocent" in all bits in pieces throughout the brain. Or, do you still consider that the brain and mind are the same? Bottomline in this example is upon any prejudice (or judgment) with use of the "sound mind" as viral further upon us humans.

Some things are really that simple and people still refuse such reality unto fantasy. Ever seen or heard anybody say something like "Oh no, their not talking about [organisms], get your head our of fantasy!" There is reasonable need to introduce the depth of hybrid viruses. Slow or fast is the question. Too fast, people get mass-hysteria. Too slow, people go dumb again (like above). I wouldn't doubt some of the original hybrid computer-viruses were opiate based. Metallic structures... botnets with theta-waves... and they try to break this to the people about Stuxnet. Surely, this case isn't the first mistranslation of words by their scalar weight, so study also: Iran 'uncovers espionage virus': Officials in Iran say they have found a new computer virus. What scale of [organism]?: 'Mr Jalali revealed that the virus could have been "mistaken for executive files of governmental organisations".

Don't call out anxiety-induction on that find just because it's the same thing yet different by scalability. If someone does say that causes anxiety then that would claim anything taken out of context causes anxiety. At the different scale, the content may be the only difference. The truth of the words still exist.

This kind of scale tips towards the case that inner-voices are just viruses and anonymities rather than mental illness. From the scientist-viewpoint, I would classify this as the age of traits by these kinds of discoveries and evidence. We need the complete hypothesis, however. Maybe with the iPhone uproar (in "tracking people"), more of us humans got the hint about what viral means in how viruses spread. Ever heard of job titles as "now hiring controllers" or "comp-controllers": (from the above article) " was designed to infect specific types of industrial controllers."

Wow look! We got the nuclear controller on psychotropic drugs to counteract those hybrid viruses... who makes all the money? Follow the money... I could think of many more questionable matters about these events, people involved, user interfaces, and (of course) interferences. Adversity grows and the bible is only clearer even on the first verse. We could start with Heaven and Earth or take the step into the leather bound cover into DNA and species.

I think most stop there and become some threat to each other, especially in origin versus origin debates. Where is the peace? Maybe us humans decided balance than to become threats. Biblical evolution (not 'Theory of' or 'Theism of'). People get pushed to create evolutionary ideas. Many have been pushed too hard.

Back to reality (where others tout fantasy), I could probably point out the traditional chemical elements written through poetical and alchemical scriptures in the bible. When people lives are stolen in any way, even ideas, that sense of "virginity" is lost. Doesn't seem often people look at things about life this way. Copyrights "law" helps protects ideas further if there are words to protect the idea, so I guess there is more than paperweight in the Book of Judges. So what I'm thinking, if the virus is good or bad, one thing that would "cure" most of them is the concept of original sin. Don't knock it. Original sin is like the private totem. As long as you still have your totem and nobody else knows it, then your totem is still "virgin".

Original sin is more about sinusoidal waves, analog data, and what changes that. Analog data is kind of the holy grail, infinitely compresses. Digital data always has finite limits. Analog wavelets allow more analog data to carry each other. If these wavelets play by the simple concept of original sin... holy grail achieved. If they cross the wrong way, I doubt they would call that play anymore. Can't explain any detail about original sin other than the context of sinusoidal waves and the concept of "meet me half way".

Look at DNA maps and notice they play by the concept "meet me half way" and twist in sinusoidal waves. "Doubled" they actually do not touch. The 3D mapped DNA unfolded makes that harder to comprehend. Move DNA into 4D or 6D and it's much easier. Simple "grasp" of DNA in 6D is to align the organic carbon rings. Notice that they have 6 positions. This kind of fold from 3D to 6D is one example of scalability (as used above).

If someone else's DNA strand is mixed into yours, who owns the entire DNA bundle? The complete idea scales more (with the truth of the words) then mere sentences that describe matter and ordinary events. Technocracy has existed for awhile, and politics by business owned DNA strands isn't any new concern. This subject has been overwhelmed as fantasy in the past, yet well defined.

Inner-voices leads to two things: kill 'em (micro & macro psychotropics), or find the cause. Us humans that have physically taken apart the brain have shown no evidence that has significantly helped find any solution.... except interferences.

Although, we are able to look more into DNA. Quantum entanglement is much easier when you see physical 3D space in 6D. Organic carbon structures tend to be already quantum entangled. This is why many synthetic drugs fail, especially upon purification. The hard part about quantum entanglement is in explanation to someone who is too blind to wrap their mind visually from 3D to 6D. Is that discrimination to the "sound mind" if someone can imagine that 3D to 6D "warp"? Maybe the courts already discriminate on those that don't have "sound minds" because they are merely visually enabled humans. Patents on DNA may push the courts into more visual context and be fair to them, as generally they are only fair to those that can speak (or speech enabled humans). I don't mind patents as long as they follow the deep science of prior art. Software patents may seem silly, so limit them to the words. Now we can compare DNA, and the words within DNA, to the words or speech. That's like quantum entanglement by the leather bound bible.

What dumbs down prior art and patents is the origin versus origin debate, so consider both. Hard to be fair to both, like that's the intention. When prior art is applied appropriately, then no longer do patents seem like mere competition, yet... possible probable been there done did. Justices are about scalability. While Judges use paperweight, we use human weight of the judge. One judge on each side of the scale. If your case has only seen one Judge, your not gonna get justice, so consider this much in patent cases.

If we could airport scan people as they walk in the courtroom, let that not determine, yet let it be the second judge to the first. Airport scan of human bodies that can pick up DNA & brains would be not much different then open source software.

"Hey, I want my right to speak up in front of a judge!" -- "Ok, what about those that can't? You get second chance at evidence, they don't!"

If speaking-up accomplished anything, everybody would have an inner-voice.

There are a few open source bio-med simulations that map between 3D and 6D, with the inside map of human bodies, yet the language is usually too specific or technical. We could project the possibility that inner-voices are phenomena that want to cheat death, trick, and speak out in the ordinary world. (Literally...) ugh...

I wouldn't doubt that anxiety-disorders is related to interferences and energies that cause inner-voices or such phenomena. The problem is to consider it's the person with anxiety-disorder rather than the energy that passes through the person. I think psychotropics dislodge those kinetic energies that cause anxiety. Biochemists might not quite see it this way until simulated (proof without "fantasy"). If that is true then that kinetic energy causes anxiety, and, then, that solves why people get tinnitus and inner-voices. The pattern is similar, yet not everybody can map static energy beyond "fantasy". We could get into affine transformations to distinguish that cause when and if of need of how far meta-physics are mappable back into the ordinary world. Tinnitus creates carrier wave (noise) that such voices are heard. People have been, in my opinion, very stupid leave that very messy as mental illness.

Hypothesis: tinnitus (noise) + theta waves (reactive brain & crystalline structures) + energetic anxieties = basic "bleed-over" (hearing voices)

This virtually departs hypothesis by synthesis and hypothesis by organic means.