Monday, April 11, 2011

Your brain, controlled, by Fukushima, U.S.

When you read books or web pages, do you feel like you have an inner voice that is forced, makes sounds for every word read? Did you have any choice to hear any inner voice? Have you ever tried to quiet your mind, so that you can speed read without such sounds? Then maybe you proved you don't need the "sound" mind.

What if you woke up one day and were shown you didn't need any inner voice to read, and that peace was taken away? Which do you prefer? Maybe you do need the "sound" mind. You might need some kind of sound mind to continue to read this blog, and "get it".

What if you found out you could no longer "think in peace" because the inner voice "reads" too many words that don't even exist on the page? If the inner voice says too many words that don't even exist on the pages you read, continue on! Because "life isn't fair..."

If you know you earned a living from being a writer and then one day you found out you can't even read in peace your own writings, how would you feel? What would it be like if you wanted to say something, but you always have somebody interrupt you, could you still continue to say what you really wanted? What if the cure to such interruptions of the inner-voice exists? We can simply explain these causes by modern technology, yet people say your crazy if you attempt any explanation!?!? That's incoherent!

Let's say the "fix" exists for the inner-voice that cures most reading, writing, and speech impediments. Various people experience those on-and-off, some temporarily, and some persistently. There is, otherwise, always human error. Is it still worthy to consider anybody that tries to present any proof to any cure as completely nuts? Just try not to be prejudice to let people have "the cure". If people believe someone is mentally ill that easy, then the real illness is with those people, and, perhaps, all of them.

Before you think twice... they have proven ways to change the inner voice simply by listening to theta-waves/beats and brain-entrainment. You can find these on you tube, so no need to do an academic research paper for this blog on them, as if they never existed before. There are places you can download or buy long meditative sessions that demo such "changes". These have been through the debunking process and proven they work, for better or worse.

If they can prove theta-waves/brain-entrainment then why don't we have sensors like smoke alarms detect this junk? Other kinds of environmental detectors exist, like air quality. Isn't this still air quality in space to think? And, they still continue to judge others as mentally ill... so quickly...

"Nothing can go wrong." --- A CERN scientist and followers. (endless debate...)

What-if you are wrong? If we still discover new things then how is it that something new could never go wrong for us? Have you ever experienced an electrical shock from something that didn't seem like it would? There is a difference between static electricity and metallic electricity. Science still can't fully define plasma.

Given proof that theta-waves and brain-entrainment changes our brain, our "mind", and our train-of-thought, that's satisfies the description of any street drug! How much did you buy those theta-beats for? "First one is aways free..."

"If you can be happy with nothing, then you can be happy with everything. KEY: 'Appreciation!' " -- @ihatequotes

Despite appreciation for those that don't really get overly anxious, wouldn't you want to know about brain-wave interferences in your house? If your job was the nuclear physicist, don't you think you should have been smart enough to detect theta-wave emissions in your work area (and maybe geekly at home around your kids)? If some valid CIA agent suddenly destroyed property for no known given reason, do you dismiss the fact she was "bothered" by something?

"I am from the American CIA and I have a radio in my head. I am going to kill you." -- A real CIA agent? (assistant to the president)  Gauguin Painting Attacker Aided Lee Hamilton, Jane Harman

...what got her to "react"??? I think... it was the large bowl of cherries.

What-if "I am from the [Fukushima Nuclear Site] and I have a radio in my head. I am going to kill you." -- ...

All humans are made the same, especially the opposing thumbs! Right? Or left? Or what was left out? What if that inner-voice that you think all humans need is not actually needed? An inner-voice that keeps someone sleepless would make anybody appear mentally ill, even when proven they are not. Eventually,  when the realization is one not like the others, the reaction would be like, suddenly....  tsunami!

Why do we continue to be stupid and not consider how this environment interferes with us, even when so proven now by how we interface around us, by such devices like EMOTIV EPOC? Why continue to deny this fact? Why pass up the chance to help someone with a possible cure? Fukushima has emitted over 10,000 terabecquerels of radioactivity. It's not like Japan wasn't almost wiped off the map... by appreciation of simple human error.