Saturday, May 7, 2011

Talk to the Hand while We Engineer Your Breath Analyzer

People who make someone speak is like the biblical bad guy versus good guy. There is of great balance for why people keep silence at mode while in the temple: the quite mind.

The quite mind is like code with no comments. For humans that are deaf or blind, this makes solid sense. We know the sound mind disagrees on that point, point after point. For the blind, code is merely copyrighted ideas liken to law code. For the deaf, code is liken to software patents, or visual flow. The blind and deaf try not to agree on what each other considers code. This is an argument verbatim. Each considers the other in lordships. Think something like political bipartisanship in the house of the lords.

This argument verbatim is one kind of "simple god" you don't have to agree with yet makes sense in each others science of execution: kill.

The simple god is not any perfect god. If you can follow this path of the simple god to become the perfect god, then you can use this kind of reflection with bible in study. The challenge with the path of the simple god is humans have more senses than (minus blind) eyes and (minus deaf) ears. We have, instead, the crossroads. We can explain that path of the simple god over and over. Those that are against these explanations are afraid: the fear of god. Resilence.

We can jump to modern day and how this applies: thinking outside the box. We mean the 3D polygon box with 4 sides, floor, and ceiling. People use "thinking outside the box" as the way to avoid any talk about code. We can compare and contrast "thinking outside the box" with 'in the box' as the difference between free and freedom. Thus -dom now means...?

Before the 1st Amendment to the Constitution, we were more free to speak. We needed the Constitution, however, to have freedom to speak. Is it of "sound mind" yet the simple amendment that helps give why that somebody else is not suppose to cause "hearing voices" in your "temple"? (See also: my previous blogs about the brain and interferences)

Thus, why freedom of speech and freedom of religion is used together. "Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" ... we're imperfect because someone had to write that... it's "hear..see...smell..."

It's an unfair advantage if *THEY* get to HEAR and SPEAK.... where is our UI? State of mind? Or, is that the *US*! Since when is any war... civil? So they learned fixed that... right to bare arms... yes those manly hairy arms used to speak! AMERICAN sign language...

If they break my right, I have nothing to say...

"Best part of Fast Five was "social engineering" the biometric hand print for the vault ;-)))" -- @kevinmitneck