Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Xenophobic UIs, or xeno-lobes? Proto-homo-lobes! A.K.A. Brains...

"Casual waves and tidal pools with the flow of the moon against the shores may be realizations of gravitational continental thought groups." -- @Gia_Pandora

Something about mindsets could be said right about now, yet seems like there are many wannabe fat ladies that sing to break them. Sirens silenced by Google waves; I hesitated on something about money and how twitter still allows people to block people even before they add them. Sounds like like security by obscurity.... or oppression compressed in one tweet of hatoraid drank by wolves. Some of us know how to point out how disturbances in light cause waves of differences that gradient into more than just black and white quantum forces. We also know how to imagine the chromatic spectrum in-between aren't there in the appropriate perspective. We have experienced many who rather continue to debate that endlessly and win over and over their pride; instead-of, try to shine the light on how to save lives at the same moment (this is in no way made-up & obviously not gonna link these "facts").

The hardening of the "seat of the soul", or pineal gland, is the cause for most seizures and activities for no known reason (i.e, "cracked"). The left and right lobes are not needed, yet the cerebellum will let you move without thinking about it. It literally takes only half-brain to process fully what you do now. It's just temporary "memory storage" until archived. The main reason we have brains is for the membrane tissue, nothing else matters, yet helps (or should)!

Think we now are on par now to question Neurology-ism vs Catholicism, for a moment. Given this perspective, why do people serve two gods? Who has always won? Let them scream Xenophobes! Actually the Vatican does recognize possibilities of aliens while the other... good luck if your try! I suggest discrete logic symbols and pages of reductions kept on hand until Q.E.D. Keep in mind, however, with any origin versus origin debate, nobody thinks of anything different.

Computers are people. Maybe the words "sleeping" and "thinking" describe this difference. Computer science is reflective, naturally. Human anatomy is generally a "map" of locations in order to speak about insides, yet there are no words for inside-insides. "Unauthorized!"

Difference of pain and hurt: you can speak about where it hurts, yet there are no words to describe pain besides pain itself.  Trauma and migraines are, seemingly, opposites. One reveals while the other conceals.

There are vast differences between migraines and headaches. There is no cookie-cutter case for migraines other then past memories.  Headaches are generally neunonmena, as there is no scientific proof for such phenomena besides blood pressures.  Brains actually help you tune out more to give you comfort to think rather than process in order to think. Note that tune-out here doesn't mean ignore, as you should have that choice.

Brains vs no brains, (or endless debate about origins....) Neurologists "religiously" believe the brain and mind is the same, so any separation of the two by schools of thought are bottlenecked there.

Brains are already genetically programmed to regrow the same, over and over, based on your best learning abilities. Some how I think solving voices-in-the-head via reflexive noise-cancellations can help clear any brain damage. It regrows as needed. There is no cookie-cutter case, god-complex aside.  Some people are born brain-dead, live brain-dead, and function more normal then most people. If discovered, these are kept secret (about the brain, for the brains, by the brains, that which doesn't exist doesn't evolve).

Despite common recommendations and "speedy" processes, no psychologist can diagnose anybody in one day worth of attention. Psychologists simply fail at any attempts in prognosis with virtual reality, especially where they let virtual mean fake. Psychiatrists are better suited and better minded to handle subjective material than psychologists. The main difference between psychs is their choice: either things are tried and proven, or things always change.

Many bugs actually do crawl inside your head, yet this is quite a nightmare to prove! Bugs are generally drawn to the middle, between the left and right lobes, and usually they die there in cheese heaven. Brain food? Honey wins...

Big Pharma never liked Ag-Biotech students/scientists like me, as we are the crutch to their monopoly. Big Pharma doesn't want you to know that the brain regrows quite quick with the correct diet. rDNA retains previous memories; brains don't! Study of DNA is too exponential for brain capacity within the limits of cranial space, so it is not for everybody, yet you can either stand by and watch the pretty waves or be one of the ones that saves.

"It's not the few that have destroyed yet the many who stood by and watched." -- M.L.K., Ceaser Chavez walk-button.