Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Put Them On The Edge

They pistol whipped me into giving up my wife. They wanted control of her name. You called it this, and you called it that, but the criminal sold this by mistranslations of my wife's name. The guy, whom I found in bed with my wife and whom's "family" had the pistol at the front door, is what the urban dictionary defined as an anton. The cops personally trained "homeless" antons as cunning womanizers because life is that different when put purely under Senator code (a.k.a. "the street"). The street life survives by sharing everything. When cops looked the other way, it was "the street" (including antons) that directly damaged households (i.e. "rape and pillage") . "Share the peace," the street cried foul under polygamist influences. That war cry is against my religion, is against our Constitution, and is against the native people of America. Ask yourself, did nature ever need to sell, buy, trade, or organize any establishment for the existence of the vegetation on this planet? Can you explain any part of this process without gibberish words and without obscure descriptions? How long has this war been going on? Legalize? Okay, here is your GMO warning: that which grows on the street is not safe.