Monday, May 25, 2015

Who Are You Going To Call?

Those old rotary phones and big heavy phone-books were not always practical. People became accustom to two quick dial numbers besides the operator: 611 and 911. Today, do we ever hear someone say, "dial 6-1-1, for internet repair?" Right, and people called 9-1-1 for many reasons than its main purpose. Last year, Sacramento county added 2-1-1 for people who are in need of help. In case you do not have the mobile app:

2-1-1: Community services
3-1-1: Non-emergency government services
4-1-1: Directory assistance
5-1-1: Traffic and transit
6-1-1: Phone repair service
7-1-1: California relay for hearing impaired
8-1-1: “Call before you dig”
9-1-1: Life-threatening emergency services