Thursday, March 13, 2014

Superstition: "Your Religion Is Out There"

I found two scriptures that mention superstition . My post of Atatürk's quote received some comments I only acknowledged. His quote is not useless despite whatever history of him. Anyways, I dug it up because of constant insertions of superstition in anything about religion. We can walk away from the argument, but my gut tells me otherwise. 

Compare the different versions on those links. It shows how KJB mentioned other religions as superstition in comparison to NIV. DRB mentioned superstition next to humility. Now you can spam your thinking and discussions with supernatural beings, endless questions over nothing, and demand proof there is something, or you can literally see the history, and differences in account, in front of your own eyes with those links.

Notice, I did not spam you with any particular quote from those bibles that are said well-known. I acknowledged our modern age of technology where we do use indexed references to archived text, especially where translations and history of each version matters even to the most profound scientist.