Friday, June 20, 2014

Last Mile Decentralization

Monopolization of cellular towers by the State is simple as eminent domain. We might as well write the program where the user clicks on the map, and the map signals what area and location to send work orders from State agencies. The State may invest in technology that helps determine the location of each cellular tower within State territory.

This pseudo-monopoly becomes low-hanging fruit for incorporated engineering.

California is well-known for being the fifth largest economy in the world.

Hollywood, NYC, scripted California as the eighth largest economy in the world.

Monopolization of the cellular towers is false security to digital exchange mediums.

Bitcoins are in D.E.M. range in towered domains. AMD announced 25x performance, energy wise, by the 2020s. Resolution of this currency must predict collision in generation of crypto-currency. The collision is intentional on options for the crypto-algorithm.  Any enhancement patented and not bought may benefit the State until officially assigned. The incentive is leverage. Without moral, it would have been done; because some people believe assuming trust is enough.