Thursday, February 20, 2014

Vanity of True Ignorance

Why do some people make third world problems their first world problem, and then they blame it on everybody else? I often reflect what others have said, but I draw the limit on before it becomes pride. As others spread the problem and expect people to respect their pride at the same time, that is where the issues appears. I have listened, but don't assume I made your problem that you have brought here any worse.

How do people ignore the fact that their complaints broadly against the government is no different from any racial slur, denied rights, gender issue, and so on BECAUSE the government is still THE PEOPLE. You can pretend there is absolutely no democracy, but then WE know your restated problem is only an act. People in the government work. If you separate yourself from the government and throws stones, that is your choice. How people in the government work is not always their choice.

It either takes strength or consistent behavior for active duty in the government. Government work is duty because its revenue is mainly based on taxes. For most government workers, funds are quite limited. These workers often do other work for more flexible income that is not based on taxes. There is no guarantee for that best case, however.

When others bring their problems here, their loud arguments of idolatry all touch on that best case like there are miracles right around the corner. You can continue to walk the path and turn the corner, but you will only find another path and another corner. Some people in the government walk that path and turn the corner with you, and they spend your taxes as fast as you two buy your next drink together.