Friday, January 10, 2014

Mein Kampf: My Struggle (Under Gravity)

Authoritarianism lives on without the Nazis. Who controls who now? I read on about the surge in eBook sales for Mein Kampf. This gravity, for control, reigns on even today.

Anybody from ariyan or related lineage knows how it feels to be treated as the worst piece of fecal matter that has ever fallen on this planet Earth. "My Struggle" is an appropriate title compared to any known pride. You probably heard about this as Nazi pride against Jewish pride, black pride against white pride, semites against anti-semites, ... vice-verse, but have you really heard of any ariyan pride? No. We all struggle under gravity. One point is the same for all of us on Earth.

Note that ariyan is the proto-race -- meaning it is not one specific race. The point is, how many are here on Earth compared to races against ariyans? For people that once ruled the Earth, why... now... the continued struggle without the saga? Maybe we have learned our lesson thousands of years before World War 2. Everybody being the same is the worst bit of racism. Genetics are engrained, and proto-races are *protected by laws of the world*. Archives exist. Brought back by Valkyries, this book literally remains against today's Authoritarians.

This is about language and the native people, and everything else done and said was ad nausuem to the cause. Strength in language, not strength in numbers. Power of only several hundred words, "and the word is good."