Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th oid: Exxon Droil's Spellerphobia

Not so weak even if not so plain. You felt perfected, so the strength in perfect spellers became part of your religion, as you did, cast out, flushed those you felt imperfect in your communion. Why bother in the translation when you have the bot that does the artificial middle-man that you can nuke. Surely, you do not want some hijacked drone that spreads the news in the fastest way possible. They will scare you away, and then they will put your land up for sale, while they repeat the news. It is an homicidal virus, if made real. Once the idea, like any meme, travels, consider the moments before such effect reaches the speed of sound.

“Keep you friends close, and your enemies closer.”

Ever heard of any oil driller that travels? It is not hard how we thought of that possibility when you know how much weight the space shuttle's launch pad moved. Maybe that is no issue for you. The news showed the event where the unmanned space shuttle landed.

The event turned into the meme, there was no specific origin of the meme besides the event. How far away are you from the event? How fast was that in sound when you heard the news of the event? We used the word skew when something found differences in seconds.

If we match oids to memes then, do their seconds match? You never heard of any meme that is autonomous like oids. You have heard of droids, and may the “fourth” be with you. I have known of spell-checkers, and I thought of many advances for them. Maybe people in general left me alone too much, which I heard them say I think too much when they are around me.  That's skewed.