Thursday, July 5, 2012

Re: Code, Down the Rabbit's Wrist

Monkey re-writers,  cool the engineers, the lower-level stage show must go on live, so all aboard. Immersed into into the given context, what I need is not written into the same language desired. Yes, look into that mirror, copy, paste. The fingers synchronize, commercials played the touch show on the go. By now, you wanted the musical, and I wanted, just, the time.

Again, you wanted just the musical. I got the hint, and so I left in the sun light with the bright lite pen. Yes, it felt that "stupid." Denatured alcohol, let me consider some other tissue, first, not so wet. Somewhere, and how, there is that stump meant for my thinker.

You have some classic name for that, however.

I wrote code. It ran. Ready, set, time. Yes, it requires it; I must study, study, and study. While I study, now.

Yes now, the time is an exception of the code. You can manage that performance. I answered my own question, and it was about possibly popular code. Maybe I do not want that possibility, and I go on and write the code.