Sunday, June 17, 2012

Tablets: Microsoft's Tablet RT, People Are Shocked!

They said MS copied Apple. Monday, June 18, Microsoft planned its launch for its new tablet. I think that proves just how many of the people, now with the latest sold tablets, are not tech savvy. They acted like Microsoft is totally new to such platform.

The only difference Microsoft made is they became the primary OEM to the Tablet RT. Even I still have the original Tablet PC, made by Toshiba (as one OEM).  Consider Microsoft's Surface, and you know Microsoft is not new to such touch technology, as people said.

Maybe your local news has such touch displays, as mine does. They like the Photo Apps, Surface Garage, and like for conversational pieces. When you watch them use it live, you know there is much room for improvement, as they deliver key topics. I imagined voice recognization that automatically brings-to-front the images they mention, so they can layout more on screen and not worry about their z-order (one over the other).

What this really means is that Microsoft finally found its business for hardware that isn't just another label. In the past, people have not trusted such joint ventures of hardware and software by the same business. Consider mainframes, where data banks paid for upgrades that only resulted in some tech geek that comes out and flips one single switch and is done. Apple didn't have that trust issue with iPhone, iPad, etc, because it switch to open-source UNIX based software. Apple kept its UI closed, however. This lead to Open Surface, and people blamed Microsoft for the confusion.

[Addendum: I followed up to this "Shock..." And Awe!]