Monday, June 18, 2012

Justice: President Obama Continued Forward While Supreme Court Did Business As Usual

Justices are not Judges, and by the trends on social media people revealed they do not comprehend what that means. In fact the two are in separate branches of the government much like how the presidency is in its own executive branch. When people spoke about either partisan or bipartisan, they left out the Justice branch. Maybe it is because people treated Judges as Justices, so they think the legislative branch has more power than the Justice branch.

Congress is part of the legislative process. Judges are part of the legislative process. When anybody moves any case away from Judges and into the hand of Justices, then it is part of the Justice process. At that point, the matter is between the Executive branch and the Justice branch.

People used their Freedom of Speech, and they said anything they want as if the matter is still in the Legislative branch. People "go on and on" as if Congress can do something different about the matter, yet the fact is they cannot, anymore.

"Those who know, do not speak, and those who speak, do not know."

Justice does not wait.