Saturday, June 2, 2012

Booths: FaceBook's New Phone? Free Status Updates?

#News10 put QR-Codes under its logo on TV, so now you do not have to ask and interrupt the news as you scan the screen with your mobile. "smart", "news"; then, the logo displays the QR-Coded marque and icons. With mobile in hand, some realized that the full-screen view of HD-TV is useful for icons on the side for quicker response, especially to popular requests. They wanted to know about you, him, her, or it, so besides the patent debate, consider the on-TV promo-codes with "free" data-minutes; that applies to your "go-phone" like account, or pre-paid iPhone.

Or, are we back to phone-booths, reinstalled, because not everybody can afford your mobile-only dream world? I heard the other day someone wanted the Doctor Who's Tardis as their home, "as seen on TV." We got the hint!

Of course, that is the best they can do.

[Note: I had caught-up some days here, so I wrote an extra page worth of various topic detail.]

The best I can do is not argue about obvious patent non-sense. I know there is an I in said "we," or whenever that is not said then we become the dumb team that is made-out to not sympathize with anybody else. We heard the ladies on TV in their commercial; they cried over their mobiles or newer brands. Some days, brand names win over the material and content.

Who volunteers themselves as the free commercial watcher, by the way? There is work to be done. Different ring-tone assignments sets-up context sensitive automation of content streams. Some want the dislike button on ring-tones. You know that dislike button does not make any sense until some commercials spend your minutes upon your minutes with the slowest address spelled out-loud: "Dot, you are ill."


Lot of great ideas and canny phrases. We defeated graffiti with social media, or we enhanced them with virtual murals. What matters is the material of the media, not always what is said on them.

This all sounds normal when we imagine the booth as the cubical of space inside an office next to the convenient store, in the same structure. Oh, it even now sounds practical this way. We are much further beyond our previous popular point, that barely made my thesis.

That point is already popular, so I need not waste any more of my time on that point unless I get paid like those on the news that "so freely" discuss such dire matters.

[Addendum: How else do we compare one station to another other than by genre, said as gen-"air", not "john"-"rha"? Follow the "promos."]

Such as your status on any popular media, with the quickest statistics, yet they still force separate credentials. Now, when FaceBook said "phone," it looked like they created this new market.

[For example: "You are now eligible to watch free screening of MOVIE-X" because you are within "free" wi-fi distance of the box-office's wireless router.]

Obvious they wanted, or everybody wants, into your wallet, too. Even the guy on #News10 took his wallet out of his pocket and put it there on his, bar-top style, stand-up table. That made the typical couch interview look old, especially when you apply every aspect of the word "trust" over your more immediate audience.

They have their cameras and we have our cameras. Now, they see their impact on the cost of living for jobs that require that much (...). Oh, this is news, and you know who showed up first.

[Note: Popular judgment does not make me any Judge.]

Your job requires communication, so why should they put excommunications on the news? Ohhhh, the unemployment factor. I think I wrote, on this page, too many oh-ohs by now.

Does FaceBook have any chance, now, on that point? Yes. It's been code-named: fog, as in f-oogle, as in "shopping... cloud." I also recently read how you can now install your apps, like ThinkUp, into the cloud, instead of all directly onto your mobile. From what I seen, people have not shown that they knew in general the energy cost from different installations of apps. Consider BitCoins as the worst app when people make the most profit off it by use of any other energy account.

"Isn't that dumb?" No, the more dumb the mobiles are the more compatible they are with the cloud. FaceBook only needs any "generic" go-phone account and their kind of audience on their cloud. Dumb terminals was the technical word for it, yet people do not say "terminals" as much as they say mobile or generic mobile. Courts required that child-support payments pay for mobiles, so not so dumb, obviously.

[Note: From the technical standpoint, it doesn't matter who is right or better at that point when the Courts allowed such intervention in how we pay for technology in mobiles versus dumb terminals. Virtual emulation of dumb terminals on mobiles makes the cloud look like one giant mainframe. There has been no streamlined access except grandfathered land-line service.]

"The phone is stuck in video mode." No, it activated scan-mode on by default, and it did that by software updates affiliated with Google, FaceBook, Twitter, #News10, and other IAPs, internet app-providers. The scan-mode enables quick-response features, especially those with NFCs, near-field communication devices. That means it only wants your manual aim in focus, so there are less button-actions in-between every point. The caller-ID feature is an app that is also always on.

One point, you may know, is when phone-booths did not require any subscription or sign-up before usage. Now, every mobile did, and somebody took out all those booths. Also now, they have industry grade mobiles, that are the hot-spot for your booth. We know the argument was over service subscriptions, not some generic terminal installation in the booth. Now, the argument is over the use of mobile hot-spots, like as your rental Droid (or C3PO for political advocate).

"[Booth] For Rent"
– Drone I,Real
[Addendum: Try the serious look at Second Life "shopping" as practical small business interfaces, and the proven crowd reaction to such interfaces indifferent from mere game genre.]

I, also, thought about the Franchise Opportunities website, and I imagined their virtual stock market. One kind of mobile appealed to franchises and another kind of mobile appealed to non-franchises. If the booth is made from franchise-sources then, I considered their kind of ads, as icons on the side view, that are on its screen, and how much do they relate or distract each other from the shop at hand. Business and personal, websites tried that separation in social media. The QR-Coded login prompt may help, if you keep your passwords on your mobile... at least until the global discussion changes its new mode away from patents paid by subscriptions.

Before you think of "regulations" consider the liberal trades made on oil markets, that are not about Big Oil and gas, that are about algorithms, patented algorithms. I liked when #News10 displayed patented discussions by example, as that does not happen as often. There is the couch discussion for that or at least the material for it. The couch in the booth, or "booth clouds," or other buzzwords than those listed daily by popularity, somebody wanted separate clouds from F-O-Groups. Some websites got famous over their couch discussions. Somebody else wanted "the weather" on its own channel. We got the hint about that, too. Yes, imagine each school with "free" phone-booths for those that can't afford lunch, and its upgraded by... oh, by quicker response.

The Republican Candidate, whom Stated that he planned his Presidency while in the State Office after people voted him into those elected years, so that is one foot quicker out the door from his perspective, or one less vote from each of the citizens he governed. Do those votes count on the ballot, the ones that voted only two years ago, toward the presidential office, or is that "double-dipping?" How often does the news of one state reach another? How often, it shows in the polls on social media.

I thought about the FaceBook app, fog of war, and how they kept such gamers in synchronicity with each other. I thought people wanted someone with experience, or I had an odd comparison to the certification and acceptance process, same difference.

[Note: I do not drink beer, unfortunately, but I have "beer" T-shirts because of vendor booth status.]

My 110% of that day took 10% of my other day. If that does not make sense then, consider QR-Codes that change their size by 10% (in-or-out of view). If smooth video capture does not exist while the device is in hand then, it does not update the status, automatically. Maybe something with that much more (technical) effort put onto it made it all worth it. Maybe that 20% difference is when people expected you to put out your wallet if/when your are that 110% kind of team, so people want the iWallet buzzword instead of iFB-I, M-I-Bi, third-i power, iTrump, etc.

Some people thought you needed certification over the knowledge of the experience you gained, either by education or not by invention, or that is the best I thought of how you... either put your iWallet out first... or how that is still, somehow, part of your phone conversation.

[Addendum: I guess that is "uRegister" for the iWallet component of the vendor booth.]

While in the virtual worlds, we did not mention anything about mobiles, so it was that easy on how the mobile became the portal, like the transition of perspectives, of how people experienced their avatar with that much written into real stories. I wondered about how the choose-your-own adventure book mashes-up with the mobile with the scavenger-hunt app, that also scales community wide. Some things are inevitable no matter how you slow it down.

We seen what is ahead, yet since it originated in simulation, it sounded like an S.E.C. RPG session until someone steps-up as the real human physicist over said concepts.