Sunday, June 3, 2012

Coffins: Prisons With Walls, Claustrophobia

Catastrophic cellular fear, the end of entrapment, or politically: exodus. Is that the opposite of claustrophobia? Someone knows "how to turn a [clause]". Perfect candidates wrote perfect sentences; imagine yourself gone from bunk to two pods in each cell. That is simply an upgrade to the bunk, yet people stood behind the Constitution with their -phobia said, and they kept it the same since the installation of the bunk, under the influence. I never agreed that was their "sickness," as they said.

What does you future prison look like? What does the walls look like now. Everybody has their surface, they needed it. More people put into prison means more surface area needed inside prison. Bunks to bi-pods, advanced enough, it self-cleans with and without inmates.

If we call them coffins instead of pods, then all the -phobias are the same. Are you awake enough to let yourself out of prison? These kind of questions are hardly ever in perfect tense.

How much effort for change of one of those pods for my coffin? Maybe I wanted the all natural edition. Maybe I want the Surgeon General's tag on the side of the box, so its the travel edition. How fortunate for those that got the life of such postmarks all over their luggage. Do we complain if any get lost? I know self-tests for personal knowledge after you ate somebodies food is useless in court, and I know that is different when evidence starts and stops all under custody.

The coffin under custody sounds like an urgent matter. The States enumerated the jobs each incorporated business holds, so there is this kind of professionalism where State Governors know there is no place for morons in their office. Space is prime real-estate, so there are movers.

Do those tags come with QR-Codes and listed incineration points? I changed my mind for more native cremation.

"Dust it off and note the ingredients."

Maybe in some past life, under the influence of an advanced civilization, there were pods that did not let you out when you had no purpose there. The pods probably had their system development lifetime cycles, so we probably wanted the number of jobs of each cycle known on the table. In the scheme of monopolies on sicknesses, one is neither viral nor contagious, which possibly remains true until original sin, or the big bang. The other possibility is the bath water, after each pod cleanse cycle, after all clear, devolved into obstruction by natural causes. There was the clause for that on the surface tension, like you had some purpose, given by injustice.

We know the quality assurance process. I thought about QA-Codes derived from QR-Codes, and the pension plans for people fortunate enough for such non-medic jobs. The News made us look at said quality worm-soil, so that then led to the thought about simpler microscopic RFID experiments, like metal detectors. Pods with worms, it sounded good compared to coffins with built-in genetic search-engines and spectral-wavelet analysis, of the matter, in hands. Of course, that included the thought of each of those coffins connected to the electric grid. It's the thought that counts, so I made sure that the more native cremation had the green energy option instead of the conditions from where we let ourselves rot unto anybody else...

"It's a small world, after all."

…or, maybe we simply need the scumm-vm-app, the grown-up version, that discretely tags your photographic nature around you and bags it for you-tube, u-local, and such, before it goes viral, again.