Monday, May 28, 2012

SBA: The Disaster Recovery Act Of Face-Book.

No book of products, so we used numbers of the books. That doesn't make any sense in semantics: volume versus identity. That is, investigate the historic numbers by the book, so that volume has identity. Instead of "under some number" we have "within such volume" for reference. Numbers stop, volume flows, interpretation lead to disaster.

Two is more than one, like realization of gain. There is the machine on the machine; respectively, real and virtual, as how one is said before the other. That is like predication, so we know any speculation of the immediate imaginary numbers.

"Two billion."
-- JPMorganChase

Through the looking iGlass, the impression that lasted, then FB got sued (by whomever). No longer is the east side of the US the center of the markets. Intel said in at other times, it's the tick of the tock. The way it looked, the volume on that side, changed, dramatically.

"Come together. Right now. Over me."
-- Aerosmith

The bipartisanship of stocks, there is only one volume, so the ambidextrous started with agility in words, small and big. What happens to that volume as it enters the virtual phase. One steps down in help of the other, or we never thought right is big or small and left is right. Smell and left is left, and, veterans on board, it knew that smell. No in vision, of that, some books waffle the air that surrounds any interest out of newer confusionism. We shut-down any distraction from the journey heard solidly ahead...'s not any game, anymore. It looked like Big Banks did not want real microeconomies on the west side, yet there are so many mobiles. It is harder to move offices that are big. It is also harder for those Manhattan offices to thumbnail loans on the west side, especially under deficit spenditures. I could have easily said two billion was there and over here was two billion, like there was some lateral connection, follow the money, and point out the blamed. Football? Hot potato? One News channel said its up, the other said its down.

Either we have big banks with small content or we now have Big Content providers. SacBee decided its content, online, is worth new subscription fees. I had in mind, as I wrote this above, that archaic printer of market numbers on newspaper material. How renewable was the material? Every single day, that was the disaster.

Maybe someone thought ahead about the material for yearbooks, and the many small businesses that produced them.