Sunday, May 13, 2012

Shadow: They call him Jesus

Some said “the government” in place of “they” ambiguation, ambiguity. Your shadow changes after dilation of thought from any movement. Realize the kinds of radiation that do not appear through your shadow. From “my” perspective, if that light is from the government then the source is clean, as I see only one shade of grey in my shadow, and another gray in the tree's shadow.

“50 Shades of [Hallow]”
– Famous Non-Binary Print Error

There is more than one way we say hello. There is the quickened, “hi,” or “they.” There is the music down tempo mode, “hello,” or “the government.” As I estimated optimizations for shadows in virtual reality, we think about where they falloff on real estate. They in the shadow, or they who built the structure? We wanted the data that allows us information of both for science of current events. Somebody asks, “who are they,” and that switches the conversation.

It matters.

As good as that looks from the source, the less you hear from the end of that tunnel. Maybe that is easier thought of as the job is the source and the career is the other end.

What third of the government do you communicate the most with? If you are an executive then the executive branch. If your business handles justice then that is your shadow government. If not, you know you have your career. Some appointments are life long, like sentenced to prison without walls. “They” are in your name, like intuition for fonts.

I remembered some phrases from Nova, “the Sun gets angry, every eleven years.”

They mentioned sound waves inside all that heat. I thought that was bizarre. I later looked across the pond in parks and recreation area, little pieces of America, and I noticed how the waves moved outward from the fountains. I have had quite the discussion, online, about simulation of fountains.

At least they explained their best opinion in down to Earth words. I imagine that is very hard, as those scientist had many different opinions. How do you agree on something unobtainable? You know once you jump, that your shadow separates from your body, so one stayed down to Earth, and some of this comprehension is made lost.

We invented some other name for that physical difference because it registers in virtual reality, and there are measured round trip times, secondary dilation. There is easier thought of the comprehensional difference between the gravity of Earth mapped onto three-dimensional projections and Sol mapped onto six-dimensional projections, as the state and super state of matter.

It took one night of camp-out close to home, I realized what the sparkles where from in the trees. I knew they scared ladies off. They are little faces that peek in and out of shadows at night.