Saturday, May 12, 2012

Superefined GPS: The Business Of Shock And Awe

Your mobile called when you fell? Maybe that is more effective if you keep your mobile in your shirt pocket instead of your butt pocket where optimum gamma rays meet gluttonous maximus. Mobiles detect movement, so there is some extra sensory towards any help where those motions become acute. Maybe now that people played with motion recognition with their games, we say, people are no longer in shock of older blackbox technology, as they are now in awe of Pandora's Box.

When I think about GPS, I do not open the lid on the data such that one global tangence on one solid sphere is superefined. GPS devices acquire their position from multiple sources. The sources above are not the same below. Game pads used gravity and vibration gyros for motion detection. Ultimately, how the mobile moves around the sphere still lets above and below agree by that motion detection and distance formula, yet I limited that concept. There are two infinite values involved that many others disagreed upon merely because it is two infinites and not one infinite. There is the infinite of spatial position and the infinite of spherical surface position.

We proven there is more than one infinite.

Maybe that is key for some as they grasp the differences between space in three-dimensional vectors and space in six-dimensional vectors. I kept the concept simple to three values of spatial units with three values of tangence in one six dimensional vector. That is not as hard in thought as the difference between the three-dimensional Rubic's Cube and the five-dimensional version, as it requires that you have experienced how that moves through space before you grasp the similar concept. Yes, you probably can find the Rubic's Cube App that lets you play with higher dimensions; think of the twists and turns for motion detection for the version on your mobile.

There are more functional values for vectors, between that conceptional perfection and reality, not that mobiles use every known vector. Yesterday's GPS was not precise enough, and I heard it was within, plus or minus, ten-feet of accuracy. Imagine your mobile somehow in flight away from your hand at an acute rate, so it was known how it could have recorded such events. Imagine any emergency crew first saves the mobile before its owner because that was made easier.

I already have seen mobile motions turned into sound waves and music notes. I think Sony wanted everybody with at least two mobiles instead of one. I imagined, then, how each business buys its own Kinect Security Cam, so that you do not need any mobile where there is surface recognition already present.

Does your mobile project your last few minutes into virtual reality, so you know where you have been, and maybe you can then get your better look at something you have seen? We have enough technology for that, as it is like the Judge at your door service. We also thought about smog test results at each different vector, yet then we are thinking outside the box.... and busy out of the cubical.