Monday, May 14, 2012

Loud: EV versus internal combustion engines

Nearby gardener gets paid while the owner of residence has not been hired. The owner lost his career at the computer automated facility. Undocumented interns credit themselves with leftover money from agricultural grants. The horticulture “101” class is only the art of the science, so certification is easy for migrant workers. America has significant buyers of alcoholic based fuels, especially from corn oil producers. The cream of the crop really is not needed for battery systems, so focus on biomass.

Corn biomass, its name fools people with its political tone. From biomass, we have minerals and oil. The minerals trade locally, and agricultural farms exported the oil. We have seen people use the oil as paint, so there derives that natural caked-on look of corn flavored edible paste. Any concern that people will not survive that? It does not taste as bad as caked-on crude oil, yet I have seen mallards survive their own drink.

We want to know where the quantum strange pours into the stream before people are what they eat. Maybe some realize by tradition the difference between eat and drink. Some finally graduated from that and realized the numbers in air, especially when there is nil. Food merely paces us, so we all must eat. Long story made short, there is an intentional similarity between bites and bytes, and bits and its singular form in past tense.

Horticulture “102” does not include any biotechnology, and this is the closest I have seen the longest story, church, separated from scientific schools. Like in my previous article on social security, there is the numbers versus names factor in order of plant originality. At another point, etymology is easy as all names or all numbers on labels for evidence. Chemists ideally wanted only the ingredients from numbers, so that is historic anonymity; empirically, they did not need anything closer than the digital art of the science.

When the News included their report on non-metal bombs, I thought they missed the question for known resources they found in the evidence. Did they mean its the non-metallic bomb? Maybe they meant organic batteries. I know we have not been into alien organics.

It is the tort, of tortilla.

We know how adobe ovens keep their heat and how that differs overall from metallic ovens. Some ended there thought here about this whole matter over food, and others moved-up in the world with greater options for kitchen technology, and its engines.

Lift the lid on the older cars and ask yourself why they did not see that difference for optimal matters. I know there is customs on how we think about food. It bugs us.

This, however, is not about the ick-factor apropos food. This is more about the sound of our engines. One way we think about fuel is in local currency by volume. There is the volume of gas and there is that volume as cause of sound levels.

Someone said we must have loud vehicles for safety. I have seen the blind disagree, especially where there is no easy mode for conversation, without gestures. You know your goggles are quiet.

We have smart goggles, and we have had gardeners with loud engines. For some reason, those engines are not EV for peace and quiet, and safety. I thought we used oil for plastic glasses. No, I did not yet mention the yard apps, like find-a-bug, that you snapshot, upload, and the app server does bug-recognition for you.