Sunday, May 27, 2012

Marriage: Economy Of The Equation, DNA Babies

"LGBT" and sometimes 'I', but G, T, and 'I' do not equate like L and B when you realize which ones were kept away from the equation. There was the variable for the mother and the variable for the father in the equation. You noticed it was not said as LGBTIMF as one big group. Maybe you noticed that there were many LGBTIs that employed themselves under the bureaucracy of the equation because they were less tainted by the equation as were MFs (mother/father). Was that fair? Now, you know why same-sex marriage is more about equality in the equation than about traditional family values.
Conservatives wanted the word marriage and the word family such that they mean the same. Given that our society supports DNA babies, that is no longer sustainable together as the same despite whatever concern over LGBTI issues. Also, corporations are their own person with rights like any citizen; except, it is the face of the business and not an individual. When you consider how there are fatherless (or motherless) children and how such corporations marry each other, there is no easy way these two words mean the same, anymore.

That is good for the equation, as we now include many more individuals into any law apropos marriage. That is good for equality in those laws despite needed changes that reflect person of marriage instead of gender in family units. It changes the word "spouse" such that it no longer is some discriminate of gender. It further separates church and State such that family reflects church more and marriage reflects the State more.

There are people that want freedom in family away from any terms of marriage or of such law. I think that is natural. I think that is neither liberal nor anti-conservative. Any value we can fit into the equation indicates non-natural values. In fact, if the result of the equation is negative, you know by your mathematics class that those negative numbers are not natural, by definition. Further, even as I campaigned for changes in such law, we found the equation represents the higher normality of the natural family, so there is that known rate of failure for any kind of marriage that does not fit.

What the equation accomplished was not stability or fairness in support to what was the marriage, as people obviously expected. It accomplished the bottom-line economy factor where the State supports any individual despite any relation to that individual. The State knows where it manages that so called "living wage" by that equation without any direct representation or specific statue for such economic demands. That individual factor is less than the Federal minimum wage. The State knows an individual needs an income greater than that factor, and the State knows it needs an economy with at least that amount factored for each resident. In other words, that factor is what keeps us all alive.

Now, as more kinds of marriages are part of the equation than only natural families, it reflects reality of our human condition more than just some speculative idealism or perfect populace. Anybody that studied the equation surely welcomes any kind of marriage, as there is an obvious economic gain to them. The State wants residents on the "living wage" such that it can then enforce everybody to be good Samaritans by its conditions, yet individuals naturally want more than that. More people in the equation keeps us away from such Authoritarian state.

When I hear "same-sex marriage" embraced on the News, I realized that is the end of such long history of Authoritarianism that has plagued our economies. I have known that because of the experience in the metaverse where avatars have fictitious gender, could be anybody, such that "transgender" is not any real word and "family" is not based on reality. We knew every way how the metaverse exploited the perfect marriage, especially when the oldest member acts as the youngest avatar-child. I seen people married in reality to their spouse, yet in the metaverse they are married to someone else. Authoritarianism based itself around "said" soul-mates (or recorded by symbolic rituals) with disregard to gender, so we are grateful that we have the metaverse that we can unplug instead of reality on the brink of Authoritarianism. Without any legal option of marriage, the economy of Authoritarians grew by default.

The economy of the equation based itself around real family than any other relationship, even mere soul-mates. Now there is more legal weight on the means of marriage than both the means of religion and the means of soul-mates where either have not been bound by any physical means. That kind of physical science is neither for nor against religion, yet it is against the alienation by Authoritarians. I guessed your comprehension of that varies on how you compare legal to ritual and marriage to family. Without any means of physical reproduction, there is no means of future economies, so there is no comparison at that point.

"Where do DNA strands begin if we know how they end?"
– Intelligent Design: The Other One-Third

[Note: Many people of Intelligent Design were labeled as LGBTI by its criticisms, which was its political reform and movement under its attempted consolidation of traditions.]