Sunday, April 29, 2012

Man: Oil In The Crystal

Amber, “a miracle beer,”  bees wax, the bees sure do like one type of air, as they worked hard on hive minds in busy places. How amazed they were by the action, not far from here. The plant has an exodus for every fashionable entrance. One is pollination. The other is perfection.

“Looks approachable.”
[anonymous jurisdiction]

Bee boxes, half full, half empty, their run into the light, and lighter; they smoked out, heated smoothly, and found their big flowers, to us, early bloomers and most natural trees. What are the chances that something sets our day faster or slower, not that every human cell sees further than big bugs, or the last hug over the rug. It's not the jog; it's the jugs.

Crystals have white spaces and black spaces. When do they fracture, not they sat. That story is hard. States valued gold over the pieces, or maybe something else in common. Strip malls label them as clothes; hard, soft, and the returned.

Diamonds and spatial black-holes, we have known of poisons and their anti-dotes. The more simple anti-dote was proportional to abundance. The opposite of spatial black-holes is the speed of light, which at one point we called white-holes. Air is similar to liquid crystals, yet it was imperfect where opaque clouds existed.

Energy forms the double helix, and it looked like rainbows in mirages by heated air refractions; somehow the bees learned, visually, photosynthesis by redirection of air onto their beer. They have known “orange energy” by comparison to “green energy.” They even tag other bugs with their honey, so they harvested them, like man, yet man does not always have wings.

Formations of energy, bees needed faster eyesight for higher cognitive curation, and man learned that difference when royal jelly activated his dopamine. Without grotesque, he eventually realized metabolites, kidney stones, and the sound filter. Man's excommunication was the sober reality of the sting: hot oil that suddenly cools and slowly burns, for better or for worse.

Gusts of ether, man is seldom curious enough about air that moves through air without any apparent friction. When two queen bees are near each other in one big flower, it is like two auras that overlap but never blend. Drones worked without disloyalty, so they are artificially intelligent by smell.

Hibernation of bears has had little resemblance to bugs in amber, except bears liked honey for some reason. Maybe they needed that rainbow energy for their dreams, or maybe their dreams needed that rainbow energy for them. We have compared human cells to the skin on animals, and that much is more alike than what we have accepted.

I am human; what flows around me also flows through me, kinetically, as there is no direct physical connection between our skins cells, each one of them. The seamless skin is an illusion held together by life-forces, like oil in the crystal. “You are one of my kind.”

– Jonathan