Sunday, April 29, 2012

Biggest Looser: Jenny Craig, Craigslist, or Go-Phones

Pay to loose, sounds like casinos. Somebody found the way to win. You bring something home.

“Weight loss!” Some guys yelled out at you. You are not transgender or Miss Universe. You wonder about their motive. Out of all the things that surrounded us for stuff to talk about, they focused on you. They were not even phased by the meteorite.

“You have any dollars in change?” Have you tried food-stamps? The answer varies, never-mind the reason. Undercover security probes the crowd and finds some reason to stare, too much. I found something in the mall at 99 cents. Every time part of congress wants that program trimmed, I think about how often we heard that question.

“He's looking!” How do I know if she is actually he, or the other way? If you stare at some girl you either determined it was him, or you think their dress looks fun. The last lady that sung did not even try on the dress and told everybody what you thought, like everybody believed it is okay for her to pervert someone's mind and exploit it to her version of prejudicial guilt. That's called the JC act, not lady luck.

I delayed the obvious vetted nuisance, the one that makes you feel guilty if you are not mobile enough. Of course, someone programmed those mobile units. You would think those programmers were stationary before they were mobile (before mobiles existed), or someone does not want you to think that so you feel guilty. How stationary is the Book of Job? How big is your book? Are we sure that is the same for everybody, so there is no discrimination? You actually, still compared that, so you already knew, even without any word read here.