Saturday, April 28, 2012

NetFlix: Apple's Interest In iMailBox On Residences

Nine gigabytes is the lowest quality on modern digital-video-disks; Big Carrier limited your rates to only four gigabytes every month through one-to-many hubs. That means if you watch movies over Big Carrier's network, your limited to less than half the content on modern DVDs. You can stop the movie, think of it as the preview version, and order the rest of the DVD. Consider trilogies, and consider the option to preview less than one-third of the entire set and have the other two sent to your iMailBox. Consider, also, daily subscriptions like your newpapers now on write-enabled DVDs, deliverable to your residences mailbox. Two steps, forward, one step back: consider the mailman's vehicle with one new upgrade that transmits that nine gigabytes to your iMailBox, daily, with NFC-technology.

“NFL?” Given that their helmets detected how hard they block each other, sure N-F-L. Near-field-communications is like wi-fi, wireless fidelity, yet NFC standardized the hi-fi in the wi-fi.

“Hive five the wife? Yeah, so some deals needed handshakes and others needed only signatures. The deal is instead of only four gigabytes each month you get nine gigabytes every day. If you combine the two, that is nine gigabytes daily with four monthly gigabytes real-time.

“Where's the catch?” None, as I used technology and utilities we have in place now as the sample of the next example. I thought about ice-cream vans and those mini-utility vehicles that patrol streets and lots for targets and tickets. I thought about how one kind of utility van needs technology present on the other utility mini-van, like cameras. I thought about that new Ticket Defender software and the ice-cream version of it. I, also, thought of an upgrade for those cameras that includes NFC technology.

“She can buy ice-cream, what?” If the van stops, then Ticket Defender shows that, right? How about one extra feature that records the ice-cream transactions also on Ticket Defender at every stop? That helps prove they did business and how they did business.

“I am business man. I got it.” Good. I mean goooooooooal! You see the competition between the team with the ice-cream and the team with the mail. The ball is in your court.

“That's... to be continued.” Okay, with NFC, the ball is in your field. If the ball goes between that side of the goal post and that side of the same goal post, the other side scores; otherwise they all need to touch down. Now, think of the mailbox as the goal post.

“You want me to block spam as it rings twice?” They call that fan-mail, and you know nobody has produced spam flavored ice-cream.

“You want there to be an apple flavored ice-cream?” I heard of asparagus flavored ice-cream, and watched it eaten on DTV.

“On the TV?” …, with P-in-P... viola!