Thursday, April 5, 2012

Drive Systems: While You Have The Wheel

Chances of “distracted driving” either have grown or the news reporters shown more attention to such percentages of human error. The reporters said the drivers that used cellphones while they drove resulted in higher risks; if so, maybe the engineers of the cars and cellphones are at blame since neither denies the known risk. Somehow the cost of the cellphone and the cost of the commute both were present before any blame started, and medical intervention followed as shown in the reports. Somehow that distraction and intervention is not an energy issue, so the cost relates to the drive systems.

We already redefined drive systems. I think people generally lacked knowledge of its definition, however, where the internal combustion engine conjoins with the chassis and tires, conceptually, such that their idea of upgrade doesn't follow the trends of its redefinition. Somehow people based the idea of fuel to the definition of the drive system. If we thought of electricity as the greatest common denomination in energy, then we would have based all drive systems on those energy units. For example, if the drive system produces torque by electricity, then gasoline engines could produce the electricity instead of the torque. Somehow it's not that simple, so hybrids exist.

The cellphone accessory that plugs into the car, like the charger, would be one kind of hybrid extension. I heard of USB ports in cars, which means they don't need that older style “cigarette lighter” in the dash.

Maybe people didn't want the “surgeon's general warning” on every car. I'm sure there was other forward-thinking involved.

When people thought about the entire fuel cell system inside the family car that ran only by direct torque from an internal combustion engine...  did “wikileaks” distract you, too? Let's move on.

I talked with an individual, the other day, that said there is premium wireless TV in the area. I put the word “premium” in there after I noted that potential class-action against the falsely advertised Internet connection. Back to the era of car-to-car networks, what would you think of that individual that calls you while you have the wheel? Of course, it's another “insurance” call; the kind that drains your go-go-mobile in more than one way. That's like another hybrid, like the mix of premium and Internet.

So... we have known of reports that stated people mixed cellphones together with their drive, and its intervention. I think I can now skip over those details.

Have you ever heard of the cellphone that really is your car-key that you plug into the USB port? Some cars start with the go-button. Some cellphones make you pay for all calls receivable, and when they are prepaid, they drain (under "net-PUSH" technology). Got the connection? So, how does more nice USB port features sound to you?

Oops, I got distracted by news of another solar business bankruptcy. Maybe it was about those battery (re)chargers that plugged into the cigarette lighter from its solar panel. OK, so that is why cars needed two or more USB ports.

Does your favorite car dealer offer voice-mail systems, on board? What other logical place is there for the hardware of voice-mail? Of course, your *phone. Somehow I think the next iPhone, with Siri ("the receptionist") for less distraction, would attach itself to those USB ports and call itself iBoard. I thought the car dealer may like the iLease version, especially the one that drives the car.