Monday, April 2, 2012

Women: Two-Thirds Health Care, Now-Sunday

If women let themselves solve the health care issues at home on Sunday, and if computers let themselves turn off, or no user interaction on Sunday, then women could have their Husbands home that day; it's logical. If, so “stupid” said, too much then maybe we should choose the had-been-the-logic-dollar or, now, the logic doll, androids. They (still) worshiped hyms.

Consider the stock called Commodore and their brand named Amiga. They demonstrated the computer sung. The obvious humor of the day happened when men translated the singer's name.

Women worshiped hyms, again, next to him.

Hold that thought: that changed when transgendered, by their provided tools, felt offended. We had that kind of media between us and their other self, en passe. Some wrote their eulogies early.

“The show must go on!”

Some that were offended and others that were not offended, were always-on. Pardon my french: “Praise the Lord.” That's not incomprehensible when you wonder how that worked, or how the world worked, on Sunday.

Have you ever seen god attend another church because any should do? The bibles caused indifference, so people shall be different, no? Maybe that is the different equality.

How do we live the lie and our purpose at the same time? People chose either the lie or their purpose, eventually. You needed someone that watched the stage lights, as you sung on that day. If everybody paid their tithe to god, then, I guess, god would be the richest individual on this planet. In the shadow of that sailor moon, you wonder about the depth below the water.

The reflection off the water shimmers the light, especially with the tides as you skipped any nearby rock off the water. Surely, it bounced off the higher waves, like snapshots of the best moments of someone's life before it finally sunk.

Food stores have their lose leaders, too; some of this and that make soup. Sunday to Sunday, they argued over what store gets this and what store got that. If you worry about weight, carry your food further; does it offend you?

From two-thirds to three-thirds, there are those that do not have health-care or are the different equality. There are those that stood under stage lights on Sunday, and they asked for donations. How many stood under Solyndra, where each solar-tube is the outside piece of the light tube inside the arched rafters? I know, why should you pay for that extra spent on light energy with your donations, with or without taxes, likes utilities; let's add on tithe to those numbers. I'm surprised how often people buy “solar” universal power supplies (UPS), the stationary kind that stores (harvested) energy.

I know I could have spent more money on solar-UPS research; they are part of battery systems. I wondered how my money would be different if I had plugged in the Amiga to the solar-UPS instead of the electric company. There probably would have been less pressure from the people that got money from those utilities to trim food stamps. Eventually, they'll see that the richest and poorest are on the food stamps program. There is no other way they can keep the program in check, as it's the middle class that has “liquidity in cash.” You know you trust people that have real experience. The food stamps program is like battery systems, despite obvious bias from Big Oil; you learn how net-accounts “save” if you don't overspend.

What do you do with that money saved (still not in hand)? Do you listen to those voices that say if they are told to spend it that they lost their freedoms? Or, do you compare who really is the hoarder? With the solar-UPS, if it hoards extra energy, then that extra energy is good for cloudy days. How about tithe? I wondered how many people pay their tithe in energy amounts back to the electric grid.

I could take that last point in any direction, especially on Sundays, yet I started this about hyms, and something between two-thirds and three-thirds. Consider tithe, if the week was ten days long, and you paid tithe in some portion of those days, how does that affect what you do on those days you tithe? Next Sunday, think about that in only seven days.