Thursday, March 15, 2012

FRENCH: Anger Management,

It'll come to you. “Ugh... mi parle...”

Some Domain Name Systems are smart, and some use soundex(verify); why prevent the obvious under strict password systems; the French managed one of the biggest, yes biggest not bigot, selection of sounds for syllables. Consider how users of languages never written pride themselves before they are never told, again. Started and ended with the page clean. When you send text messages over the telephone does that originate from voice? Being one step ahead of the next possible syllable said is the French way.

The English way falls in like there are black-holes located in france. Of, course, they want rules they can later say what rules are for, which does-snot make sense, or much sense here. The sounds are of action, not opinion, and without distraction of any written order; such is derivations of old Latin; the envelope of the words mattered more then written sentences. Even scholarly works miss the written point about English Judges that have french maidens in court; they all knew france, or that was another opinion said scholarly. Same old business.

The law of two says it takes three. Three of nothing did nothing on names, so there is something we set as bottom in sounds before they bounce as words. Some kids are fascinated when the realize how many languages they speak when they say “no,” and some are still are clueless to how many when they say “see.” People forget not everybody agrees on how they order their senses, yet there are syllables that demand it. What you hear is third person; what you write from that is your opinion.

When you have the question of what names are valid then what precognitive voice justifies itself in court? Maybe those that accomplish such with-out the insane prediction over-ride may... is there, no, if there is something simpler than valid domain names with-out numbers. Maybe simple(r) rules applied, the syllables and sounds of them follow that two-dimensional rule, of media. Without reference, can you spell-out DNA? Are you sure your domain name system follows present words(valid); validated present words, or is that some new E-Waste prospect? Courtshopaloohics of lust; that's dot-hic to you. Maybe some want the tat instead of the dot. “Incognito-rat-ta-tat-tat”

Another equation... or did your kids learn those words on the air wave that originates from their parent. Another copy cat. Or, is that catte-latte-hic? Another Cadissy, another rapsody(h). Does the DNS validate moderate intelligence between that and the artificial; maybe we need .dis! And, Gen-1-1. Surely something not random at length.

How hard are phonez that emergency dial? It doesn't matter if I hear you now, anymore. When do I turn that face-palm into the face slap. The differences between syllables echo the truth, so there is still the two-dimensional rule.

That wasn't anything new. The title wasn't about something polite. Did you know American Telephone & Telephone still taxes .go-phones even when they are prepaid? Their commissioners(sales) tax by txt msgs that drain the gifted (or homeless), if you stop that, then it's obvious, forced quicker refill, by music spam. Where is carmen.aud? They snitched, ruined it, ...“hello? Hello? Is this a JOB offer? Ugh...”

Double names.
(And numbers)

P.S. My 1 cent, which is not as nice, as two, or more sense.