Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Energy: Carmageddon, Iran, Big Oil's Endgame

Nuclear power or zero-emission vehicles: what is worse? Big Oil companies and conservatives have touted both as the same threat level! As news-reporters routinely spoke to conservative representatives, the conversation usually focused on the buzzword “nukes” and passed on any other energy source besides Big Oil. The world has increased significant usage in alternative energy resources, besides fossil fuels, and the conservatives still focused only on gas prices despite the fact the gas price does not directly affect users of alternative energies. What's known is that Iran has wanted out of the Big Oil game, yet the fear level over nukes has prevented Iran's achievement of that with nuclear energy.

I have met various Iranians over the years that have moved to California. They all have commented on their past experience with other countries around Iran when they left. They said Syria was the biggest threat with Syria's more random motives. They did not talk about Israel, so that is different from what more local news reported.  One thing they said Iran has wanted over the years is higher education as their main focus. Now, we have seen those that have come from that area become local professors.

As we have seen more of Iran's nuclear scientists targeted, with after-event pictures of street-side bombs, you can only guess the reason why many Iranians have sought asylum in the past. Iran has not blamed Syria over those bombs. U.S. Intelligence agencies have found Israel's technology in Syria, and Mossad sources have denied comment. As people have linked any news reports together, especially after the Gaza events, supporters of Israel's Diaspora have stalked such news researchers, cyberbullied them, blocked them, and even defamed them. Those supporters did not express the conservative values of the more traditional parties. Investigators have revealed more details, yet this, in brief, already clearly wedges the conservative parties. Instead of tribal differences, we now wonder, after the Gaza's schools were hit, if the Gaza tunnels mimicked real political tunnels, like the Keystone pipeline. Measure that to the concern of fire upon Israel's schools. The President has recently extended such concern to Afghan’s people.  The U.A.E. now seems also less indifferent to other tribal regions over such politics and targets. They all know such damage to schools, educators, scientists, and reporters all set-back technological advances.

One 60 Minutes reporter featured an online educational system, the Khan-Academy, after an interview of one Mossad members. It seemed intentional over that subsequent report. With the mix of virtual reality whiteboards and video conference technology, the system allowed tutors and teachers the classroom coverage of distant students. The student focused more on the developed online courses, and those that needed more help were matched with either local or distant tutors and teachers. With any system like that, the Iranians that sought asylum afar and became educated could now virtually return to Iran's students over the Internet. They showed the system in use, so maybe my use of “could” is less than actual.

If Iran secures their nuclear power, then that means they need not rely on crude oil exports. Those wedges in the conservative parties go further as that security (and higher education) became more realized. How about the fear over the nuclear bomb? As news-reporters linked events, we already found that Iran has tested nuclear bombs underground, yet it is not like the atomic bomb like on Hiroshima. Iran made the bomb(s) out of pressure from the crude oil caves, enriched uranium drops, and laser detonators. Seismographs recorded that event. That means Iran has demonstrated that they already have the technology to self-annihilate the entire crude oil industry in the area, so other countries backed-off and only focused on Iran's missile development. There is less fear over Iran's nuclear power advancements with such facts known, yet there is fear if Iran's technology falls into the wrong hands, which even the U.S. said it will take action if it does. Big Oil proponents obviously feared Iran's leverage in such game changer.

Zero-emission technology has also been the game changer, too. In such technology the drive system is all electrical, so there is already no reliance on Big Oil from that end. The drive system connects to the battery system, which consists of various options from hybrids, fuel cells, nuclear, and other alternative energy. Yes, enriched uranium also applies to the battery system under energy conversion devices, which scientists have also done in Mexico for catalysts and deuterium converted fuel “pellets”. We can't rule out Iran seeks such pellets (or pebble beds), yet we can say such enriched, pellet-based, battery systems are not attractive to the average consumer even if they are the sure win over crude oil. Hydrogen fuel cells are the main alternative to such enriched pellets for zero-emission technology, and both technologies do not meltdown, like Chernobyl and Fukushima. Since crude oil is not an effective renewable energy source, Big Oil loses upon every advancement and deployment of zero-emission technology, so there was much friction (distraction, digression, and set-backs).

People thought natural gas was an alternative to Big Oil, yet recently we found more and more earthquakes due to “fracking,” efforts that tunneled sideways from the previous wells drilled-downward. Iran's laser detonation of dry wells surely cured that as the heat and pressure crystallizes all nearby oil (underground). That cure doesn't seem an option for proponents of natural gas, as they located the pumps right next to people's homes within cities. If we really want natural gas, we should determine the renew-ability of helium-3, from the Moon, and natural deuterium (heavy water), from the Earth. If the Moon ever got hard-knocked off course, by any large asteroid, and sent undersea, that wouldn't just redefine Armageddon, as it would redefine being totally “fracked.”

Big Oil gets most of its proponents from biblical loyalties. Oil is no doubt the money before all other monies, as we found references in historic scriptures. Agricultural based religions, like mine, still align themselves with oil, yet mine differs from such crude oil extraction methods. I disagreed that fossil fuels are the same oil, as the bible mentions plants, not animals, for the source of such oils. That difference is subtle as the difference in said words “cannabis” (plant) and “cannibals” (meat). Over the history of oil and its law, I guess we poorly corrected any such mispronunciation or misprint of those two words.  I wonder if cannibals was actually spelled as “carnibals” or more said as “carne”-”nibbles”, yet that argues between original Latin and Hebrew. Let's not blame either dyslexic or tone-deaf people, who have known those needed corrections are... obvious... as much as everybody has been and still is perfect; right? Wise people showed limits in their loyalties over literals, which means “crap” at face value. With newer forms of money, loyalties changed and language did too.

If we wanted security over one trillion dollars, doesn't the nuke option sound like asset protection rather than world war? In quantum mechanics, the nuke is the spherical energy for change, multi-dimensionally. That change, in laymen's terms, means we take something out of virtual reality and put it into reality (finite 3D space) or reverse (or inverse). Imagine many of such changes in unison; we have referred to that as bubble technology, which has not sounded as scary. Now, you know some background on the name of my blog, Icesphere, the more crystallized-state before any such change. It was an action I programmed into virtual machines back in the early 1980s. Maybe I should have called it the “asset savior” function. Hmmm... what comes after “trillion”? Gazillion? Maybe something that rises-up and... flattens-out... like “glass ceiling” or grains of sand.

“I think not by commandment.”
-- Pastor Melissa Scott,
apropos the mind and Corinthians, quoted the bible

P.S. In regards to Neurology (previous posts), the mind is “unobtainable” from the brain such that the perfection of the mind relates to zero-emission. It's impossible to “lose your mind,” yet you may lose sense of where your brain is... “by commandment.” Remember that I wrote the 3D spatial movements of “in” and “out” are virtual. If our bodies are made of Earth then does the Moon's position represent an open or closed mind? Or does the Moon relate more to the brain? “Say cheese!”

P.P.S. I often remind(ed) missionaries that the good book contains the most beautiful words for what was the saddest situations (and other choice words). People are wise enough now that when the closed-caption prints out *evil laughter* that they know it's actually the common mistranslation of helium or some other carp from the sea.