Saturday, March 10, 2012

Economy: Unemployment due to Credit Scores

Financial credit firms need not exist in reality, as all those non-banks can move completely into virtual reality. Those firms showed much reluctance over the dot-com boom, as that pulled the carpet out underneath them. What separates them from banks is that the financial credit firms deal only with imaginary numbers, which factors out upon interest. Obviously, people thought those imaginary numbers were real when those financial credit firms built large offices in business districts and paid their employees with real checks. After the dot-com boom, they silenced any company use of natural resources and real estate beyond their investment portfolio, as the benefits of their metaversal presence outweighed the practicality of their employees smoggy commute to the firm. They knew those imaginary numbers created the appearance jobs, and that reflects upon potential credit. Now, that credit canceled out real jobs due to the original imaginary source of interest, and that trend continued.

Maybe proponents of Morman Romney are right that Obama-care should charge more for gas-at-the-pump, yet let them do that only for the commuters of those financial credit firms. Imagine the change at the pump where the card you slide determines the rate you pay for fuel. Imagine that card knows if you work for one of those firms that basis itself on imaginary numbers such that the pump also charges extra imaginary numbers for gas commutes to such firm. Romney said, “I've been ordained by God to be President,” and that logic applies proportionally to the gas-pump that further discounts the next user of the pump by the extra credit from the previous user, the financial credit firm commuter. Simple!

Obama replied, “Do you think anybody that seeks re-election [wants] higher prices at the gas pump?” Think about that next time you use an account from any financial credit firm, as usage of those imaginary numbers is like another vote for the firm's interest. “In God We Trust.”

One thing I liked about Second Life is how their Linden economy created jobs online even if it remains within micro-economy limits, which meant the artists were essentially underemployed. That is something more than non-employment, so there is real value. If we compare micro-economies to the stock market, then we could say any stock that trades under the dollar is such micro-economy. Internationally, such micro-economies fail (or fall “pray” to) taxes, as one tax system versus another tax system is one well-known loop-hole (foreign policy). Financial pyramid schemes have collapsed under such loop-holes, and that further exposed such imaginary numbers (and further cancelled jobs). I doubt the national unemployment rates are true representations when they do not reflect micro-economies, as such rates didn't factor in (or out) self-employed and independent workers. With the carpet pulled, we need more clear definition and facts between the underemployed and unemployed.

How true is that unemployment rate? Notice there are employers that check your credit score. Is that fair? If are one of the victims of such imaginary numbers then that means no job offer, which further inflates the underemployment rate as there are more victims. Surely, you can sense the potential conspiracy if someone were to inflate the underemployment as some argument against their (election) opponents. What about those that append negative tallies upon the credit score, so you can't say such conspiracy doesn't exist at all. In fact, the Child-Support's Agency routinely reports people that haven't fulfilled the support “equation,” which Justices (not Judges) claimed as impossible for parents (to pay off or balance such equation). That's testimony that Romney is incorrect when he blamed Obama for underemployment rates while Romney turned the blind eye towards Judges that have quickly applied such equation.

If your credit score goes down and underemployment rate goes up and all that is due upon or after application of that child-support equation, then I think there is an easier answer than addiction to the blame game. Let's focus on the solution and prevent any effort that “makes losers” at families and jobs. People can't be responsible, as others demand, if there are other causes that don't allow people to do their real JOB.

“I represented [the other party].”
– Webster, my first (and last, hired) divorce lawyer, a Morman.

P.S. I always wondered if ill-representation was malpractice, some religious right, or further revelation that University grads smite/target people that don't get their Bachelor's degree first before marriage. Instead of spite in reverse, I redirected my energy and overcame any atheistic burden with hard-core scientific experience. Yes, you can say, “I found God” the hard way, not by faith. Follow the money: universities vs. the metaverse (foreign policy). Know any JOB greater than GOD? I do.

“As I am not a slave, as I am not a master; that is my idea of democracy.” – Abraham Lincoln, whom was shot before his entrance to the master's law degree.