Thursday, May 19, 2011


The original UNIX System exists in paperback and handbooks. The system does not require any specific loader or network. There are exponentially unexplainable reasons why there is no original software for UNIX as if the unspoken person was intentional was to find how hard is software.

People implemented their own software and hardware based on UNIX. Each flavor has their own look and feel in many ways. No matter how many extras here is some lines that expresses UNIX mode. 

Blogger does not let me enter the code easily, and there is no need to circumvent the mode. The standards of ASCII, XML, and XSLT express the proper solution of code display.

Note in the snippet above the there is the difference between the head tag in the body tag,  the body tag in the head tag, and the head tag separate from the body tag. That describes the inter-networks, intra-networks, and extra-networks in no specific order. People played the "game of life" as the means on how that above code works, yet life is no joke. I found other means than mere games that chop people's head off.

The most significant bit is from nothing how do people learn with no rules; no rules, no game. Once people teach themselves their own rules then how do people not learn an unnecessary repeatable rule; no mode, no code.

With this link on /. we can make an easier explanation. That message opens and closes or unfolds and folds by the title. Notice how the XML interprets differently despite the content is the same. This may provide some insight on why the XPointer language exists.

There is much more about that code, yet this blog is about user interfaces and client-side scripting (CSS). XPointer can help prevent misunderstood mistakes or overly excessive... shark-bait.

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