Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Sunshine Eclisp: Click to Add Friend

Next shirt, "Click to Cast Spell."

/me *click*s on Gia Pandora

(04:24:59 AM) Gia: We've, here, learned not to only say "I don't understand" unless you are in a court of law. It seemed that obvious to know that anybody could at least think to try to say a little more than that. If this isn't funny, then it's getting dark.
(04:29:46 AM) ***Gia makes note to make sure I'm am completely opposite when I appear in court
(04:30:23 AM) ***Gia notes it may make sense
(04:31:13 AM) Gia: Yet the point is "overcoming"
(04:32:08 AM) Gia: people here worry about passing
(04:32:35 AM) Gia: they already paranoid
(04:33:06 AM) Gia: and i just want something positive... that's it
(04:33:51 AM) Gia: "Didn't you hear those people as we walked by... "
(04:34:01 AM) Gia: "No..."
(04:34:07 AM) Gia: "I hear them..."
(04:35:40 AM) Gia: "What did they say?"
(04:35:56 AM) Gia: "I've never seen someone wear it like that before!"
(04:37:06 AM) Gia: sounds positive
(04:38:51 AM) Gia: the laughter was rude yet the... worth it
(04:40:12 AM) Gia: *You mean love happens at a glance?* .... yes, it does
(04:41:05 AM) Gia: and hate is the same as love
(04:41:31 AM) Gia: so i made a top once
(04:41:54 AM) Gia: cut off from mid down
(04:42:00 AM) Gia: teal
(04:42:22 AM) Gia: imprinted with "Click to Add Friend"
(04:42:34 AM) Gia: with a mouse pointer in the middle
(04:42:59 AM) Gia: they wrote a song after that one
(04:43:07 AM) Gia: i passed them out at noobies
(04:43:59 AM) Gia: of course it was for the label

It does get better, especially with a shirt that glows bright enough to see your skin in the dark. 

That's augmented.