Thursday, October 14, 2010

Virtual Troll: Pride in the Augmented Room

Somehow I realized that there was an XXX rated club on my property, and I still wonder what to do with the individual that walked into there and changed gender immediately, in public, full clothes off and on, just to balance the activity in one of the rooms.
Even my avatar seemed to have more persistent preferences. "How hard is it to go change in the bathroom?"

Maybe the click-to-undress was too easy to use. They thought to foolproof this, earlier, with another augmented playroom for non-adults. This was no family matter here in this world.

Did we have a choice to augment that?

It was an entire world since there was no way to finely define any particular border. You can kill yourself if you attempt to challenge these barriers. Nothing gets through these walls.

how unfashionable
we prove over and over
is it
to be nude

That's almost a nursery rhyme.

Later, on the rainbow dance floor with ancient symbols, there, my avatar, dressed in ivy and roses with leafs for wings. Now this was quite a difference in silence. Step by step over the innocence. You didn't want to know them anyway, so stand on this side of the symbol.

They haven't learned to dance.

Resurrection is among the positive thoughts I think about in any shamanistic distractions about trolls. They are known for their regenerative traits. It would be dumb to think you can just kill these off. If you survived to understand this much, maybe you should be thankful, professional. I'm sure it professionalism will be shown, mutually.

Death only means life to them.

Science is based often on the things that change. The borders of physical science is drawn right there between that which does not change. Science also implies the third possibility of those on the line, maybe in between, or among. The order of events, a sudden change to be on one side of the line instead of the middle, is indeterminate. Between the metaphysical and the physical is indeterminate. Those who are not scientist often misunderstand science that science is not a luxury.

Univeristies are scarce.

This gives us something we can apply ("in this room") in the form of logic existentialism. The assumption that the metaphysical is physical obviously is from a moron. Go beyond the job, the program on the client end is always a political matter on changes. How dumb do you want the interface to assume the user is or has to be to the prescription? Does it have to always be that persistant in this assumption? You want the interface to be smart enough to adapt, yet you don't want to pay for upgrades?

Search options no longer display "free sex" criteria matches even if your an adult.
The researchers first imaged the brain activity of 32 participants as they judged how well lists of adjectives described their personalities. This helped to identify brain regions that respond to personally relevant information. In separate experiments, 66 different participants provided personality information about themselves and two friends — one friend whom they believed had similar preferences and one believed to be dissimilar.
That indicates how proud preferences persist in the user database and options for new ones. Big Pharma can't profit off every designer drug. They never studied computer science. We don't blame it on pride or make anybody an escape"troll" (derived from escapegoat).

DSM predicts when parents get depressed over children. DSM only reduces by elimination, so that is someting you don't need to do. I "bet" that bothers you.