Sunday, December 22, 2013

Delineation by Absence of Sound

Sound Wave by ~vladstudio on deviantART
Delineation by absence of sound is my description of how to quiet those voices in the head that everybody eventually deals with in their own way. There are those that claim the inner-voice and sounds heard is normal, as they state that is their very essence of body and mind. They present their belief as if everybody is made of sound. They also presented themselves as some kind of master race of the entire universe, all made of sound waves. Silence, if then possible, is their enemy they are willing to fight against to death.

Their fighters are obvious when they often repeat "you don't understand" before they acknowledge our differences and education. In context of written words, there is an assumption that everybody uses their own voice or inner-voice to read. That might be true for people who are no where near deafened senses. If it was true for everybody, why do people still fight over it? For now, lets assume time heals all.

I disagree with any need for inner-voices. Science explained that "meatspace" is all sound, but that does not mean our body is all meat. Some people eat meat to get that soulful sound when they sing or talk, but what about those that do not eat meat? I know silent thoughts are possible. Imagine this experiment (left) that also adds immediate noise cancellations on the edges such that no sound is heard off the platform. Also imagine those who wear headphones where sound is generated in specific meaty areas of wearers head. We have known about this and done it more generally with theta waves.

I discussed (known) "established" security methods, "much like how techno puts in consistent beats, amplification, or raps, which all are the most annoying part of it, but could be sequenced out, normalized, and the rest left as-is, and that should sequence into the next random techno blob. (Ugh)"

Supernova, Jellyfish Nebula
"I played with the controls, and an overlay UI would easily allow one to DJ ad hoc all night."

"If your transport layer is similar to sound blobs, then recognize the gist. The cloud is then an additional Z-axis to the blob." On that note, we have had several methods that render such delineation. The one in particular I pointed out replaced any "evidence" with sound, and further compared that to the absence of evidence fallacy. The conclusion to this exists, and it is not sound.