Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Wikipedia.Inc: Reflective Legal Facade

Search engine links as primary sources. Articles written as easy as primary school. Those are articles for incorporation into tax code.

The items of the article are worth money. Bonus point for scholarly items, but wikiadmins judge those points on their own sliding scale, that changes often. Every new writ of conflict leads to prediction analysis of user promotions. Activity at length spent resources not made aware to every user; yes, that would be like if we took off the GMO labels on food, if you follow this much.

Management is thinking out loud.

Resource management means more taxes unless you have information that proves it flow. For corporate store franchises, that means employee hours that fit in the equation for taxes. Those taxes eventually prove retirement. Automation of that effort would seemed the logical thing to do, and that is often every new manager's first mistake. For managers that apply their job to each and every position, especially when those positions were unfilled, this is what they miss out from when they do not incorporate.

These items have gone from the salesfloor and over the heads of that kind of management career into online auction houses. These items include in-game virtual auction houses for any sale of any item that produces any legal transaction. When the corporation does not incorporate, then their by laws and patents prove how they own that written knowledge for archive and for print editions. The print editions use resources.

+NASA would tax all online games on fees and services that disrupt progress by any game effect upon dire resources. Call it the Nasa Global Initiative where they send anybody that role plays the manager's position to Mars. They would need to find somebody that produces media archives, so the taxes make that easier. The end game on this is how we optimize that tax code into the system by automation upon facts and not by expected results. Incorporated management has been one well-known solution.