Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Google Off-Road : A Program Idea, In Bead

When anybody gets into the car, it knows you are there; when anybody starts to drive, it knows when it is being driven. It reports when you have gone off-road.

It is only the same software the you can use with Google Glass while you drive the corporate autonomous vehicle. Yes, you can track your steps while you are at work. Consider it collateral for key access. Google Offline data mode may be mandatory for off-road conditions. Terms may include trusted domains.

[Google Affiliate network activity may lead to new versions of this blog entry. Service retired.]

When you walk into your store, you would expect every network router on sale already shows up as trusted on your mobile or head gear. You may log network splits into your daily notifications. Process the output for adjustments made to any cost analysis (that is already on your agenda). In return, you know an archive format for that with incremental updates over time.

You want updates on your store deliveries. People ask about those locations. Integrate those locations with driver directions that include gas rates with alternatives, especially for the produce.

Next program idea: allow an option for content, labels, and use overlays. Background map. Use Google Index of all nearby services. Reschedule connections, appointments, waypoints, and rendezvous. UX on dash. Stay-In-Pocket mode. Archive to marriage ring.

[Note: my family sells modern beads, not aged ice cream.]