Monday, October 1, 2012

The Bee: Justice for the drones.

I have passed the nearest abortion clinic for years and ignored it; until, one day I thought about the drones. I wanted to yell, "Android technology is gonna own our planet!"

By time any patient or walk-in interest gets that far then, they will want to remember the subliminal incentives over surrogate detachments. With enough hate, it was worth enough for protection.
People got stalked, and the laws are to help protect and prevent such continuation of incidences. One clinic can bring down an entire town, especially when it is located next to the same block with Weave, Kiss & Tell, and glory holes.

I wanted to tell the Judge there was some hole in the law. I got the gist, he said there was five issues and he needed facts for three out of two of them.  The question were apropos to stalker laws and the subject, so apropos here means did "he" do this and that, repeatively, excessively stare, blocked or distracted normal business. Within most courtrooms, you need the Master's perspective on what constitutes business.

In some far reaches of Germany, prostitution is legal enough to support families, like business as usual. When such families reach the U.S.... lets say there was discrepancies even under States that allow prostitution.  They think they have some immunity.

I thought out that type of immunity and applied it back to the courtroom. It was not honorable. "Your honor, why was domestic violence not listed as the sixth question?"
Silence was good as the sting. I imagined autonomous vehicles without riders except "storks" from or for anatomic donations.