Sunday, September 16, 2012

Push: One trillion power units, please.

Suit-technology, the argument between media and material is persistent, like lost and found. Do we let all ages design clothes? Maybe let people print their design when we bring resources to the table.

Maybe the web page should show one table with one blank menu in the web page. The design goes on the table. The menu items show qr-codes, and each code enables virtually extended information.

Maybe all the information we know about an item is more or larger than that item. Can Washington buy that suit? I like the brands on the label.

Maps now give you the hint about themes of items on display. As stores receive more interactive walls, so do malls. The power of two, and this array shows by geolocation between satellite view and terrain view.

We want the open source satellite, so the search for open source hardware already works. That sounds useful for real jobs. Mars's Curiosity, Earth's Satisfaction. The argicultural industry, plants on the moon and plants on Mars, so they grow in that cold fiber.

All these “Save as” and “Filename” prompts could now be automated; each prompt generates its unique identity such that the filename is that indentifier, and the save prompt works with the “push” gesture sent by the head gear you wear while you use remote controls. If the save failed then, it generates another indentifier to push again.

The malls are filled with pushed materials. We those materials virtualized. We want those trade routes virtualized. We want those time schedules of package delivery by path to path protocol on the map with destination optimization versus well known paths. Unless there is some wall in front of us then, there is somewhere to push.

Key to pen and pen to key, the styled push and pull on the wall. If we wanted to whiteboard or blackboard it then, make it's media intelligent enough to know each student that uses their pen on the board. Only let the teacher erase the board, or maybe their district already knows pension markets. The cheap version would have been the large touch screen the size of that wall with the single button that erases the screen, so we thought about this uniform action.

If the class drew the current day's market, and anybody hit the button, is it worthless? That's where uniform reactions are the sample. We all could have used optical character recognition on newpaper and saved on subscription rates that are not provided to us by internet resources. Walk-in doors, other materials changed faster than fashion, we also needed this convergence resolved. It's like the impression of the stack of paper at the door. The resources include electronic markets that save themselves. Smart pens record your strokes into paths. When you apply brush strokes to the color by number scheme, what was written seemed to matter. Students want the color of the day.

Printed on paper could be an acheivement. That would only work if it leverages the amount of homework turned in on paper. The student can't turn in their homework on their laptop, so there is argument over the next package delivery method.

Those deliveries scheduled through the mesh sounds like printed material. Quality engineered meshes are like gold and quantity engineered meshes are like silver. Rio's Olympics may become broadcasted in virtual reality, as such events include people that engineer bronze. People are not done with the materials they have here on Earth for what was thought only found out there. Make bronze worth #1 and recycle or reuse it. Contestants that donate their medals are entered into the hall of legends, and the labels and their brands become famous.

The rovers have already made their brand on the surface of these planets. It's like 3D printing, without stock, every push has its computer assisted drill and chip. As we explore the last planet in this solar system, the word blob seems more appropriate than rover. We still need these transactions that work between all ages and states. Estates have their own approach; they always want their own planet, so go fetch.