Monday, May 7, 2012

Traffic Reports: The Capitol View Outside-In

Only big roads shown? No alternative hints on your mobile app. No networks that optimizes everybody route, especially by given schedules that have been offline. California has had pace cars for the long, busy commutes, so you thunk why not make that the car-to-car router, and tie it into the traffic app. Besides one special statute that lets them ignore the posted speed-limit, those signs are distractions to the conditions, as they are text messages. Lets consider alternatives and the outlook of commutes.

The ferry is one alternative, as the capitol fits ships big enough that could harbor every commuter's car on board. The city of trees in the middle of the valley of death, so the commute was bore outside the grapevines. BART would have to change names if it gets in the deal with the city's arena; you know where it's Old on closure of that deal. With the population growth over years, people born here now get treated like they're foreigners by travelers that have no idea what is off the big roads. How these connect has been no where obvious. You know how much appreciation for the historic impression did not last. People remembered the big lake, but that's the other direction. Maybe pinpoint the ferry on your traffic app.

Our “capitol way” considered movement of hospitals back to their respective counties. That is one ideal situation behind the high speed rail system. The number of researchers in the capitol county is unknown, so the cities have had ideas that get ripe. The capitol has waited for other counties. The distance, in implementation, between that rail and “fruitrition” is known. We do not shove that food, those ideas, down citizens' throats, as we rather let you to do it yourself with your own liberty, and that should have been food-for-thought before anyone arrived here, especially across the causeway.

Proposals for more car bridges got trashed, even with the money for the land. You should know alternative streets by now if you live here. We know the grapevines curved the roads, which made compass-numbered streets impossible, except downtown near the Old. Builders of the new World Trade Center should have mirrored their effort there, by or on the arena deal. That would have been at least numbered by elevation despite rails that reach that spot and bridges already there. Text messages in cars on curvy roads and bridges do not mix.

For now, the traffic apps may bold more than interstate roads. I wouldn't doubt the county turns all roads next to the rails into business routes such that they all appear on traffic reports. The traffic apps reflected the state-of-the-art version of the capitol to the view from everybody outside the capitol. Northern capitol citizens considered the area dark instead of Old like the south, as city government cannot change anything about northern wildlife, so we worked by leaps and preservation. There are many seasonal workers, and they worked like the Hunger Games. Immigrants here need gig apps, so you want to volunteer your traffic idea? The south worried about our emissions and snow jobs, you should see theirs; how does that “low-hanging fruit” (tomato) taste? The traffic app already shows you were that is from, landmark wise.