Sunday, May 6, 2012

Morning Sickness: The First Five Minutes After Consciousness

Did you lose your mind? Everybody flushes. Did you take the scale out of the bathroom? Some people also bought mini-scales. When you wondered about the screwdriver long enough, you stood there momentarily, and you put it to use. You know what that is like inside, so you know what you need in the next one you pick-up. Put it down altogether, and consider that mental exercise before sudden realization of emptiness, and escape the lapse of your dream.

Your mind is so more beautifully consistent than those random archives your brain puts out. We must sleep, so our body moved that output into the metabolic process. Some crystallizes and stays in our body; unfortunately, we do not always hang onto every piece. Others filter into the matter you put in your way. Every blink is another integration.

Memory is an easy process, as it is merely the opposite impression of light from your focal view. More light forces, more pieces of memory, the light rebounds within you until bent. That happens faster with sound that doesn't travel as far.

It is all stored within you.

Maybe pray for what more you want out. When you no longer feel as god, confess to what you needed. There is one language with sine and cosine. Some of what you need is proportional to what you do not need. Others are already ahead with the inverse.

I wanted this piece about depression, yet that did not express sooner above. The first five minutes are never the best, as we need everything for further thought. Not that all is over and out, so I cannot write more about that, I have had biotechnical realizations of why that does not happen with me as easy with others, conceptionally at least.

“Oh Lord, I moved the clock radio out of the area of awakening...”
“...and I replaced the scale with it. I put the time in the john.”