Friday, May 25, 2012

BOINC: Our Cure For Unemployment

Next time anybody jerks you around with bias and discrimination, show them how you helped cure their loved one's disease. Would they think twice if they knew what resources you put forth toward local and global health care despite that you do not work in any hospital? Every job requires tools if not your bare hands. We cannot sustain such bias just because not everybody can agree that your tools qualify as worthy enough for employment status. They have not realized the full impact of your contributions; you have quieter technology at work; it is not your signature on The Almighty Buck.

If anything like me, you have awards that show you worked that technology for the greater good. You know those awards mean you dedicated time, money, skill, or at least energy to the work. We all were taught the equations of energy and work, so you know there is no room for bias when that energy and work still balances out in the end, as it does for everybody else that we considered employed. The only difference is between the award and the reward. People, in general, have not honored your awards, yet anybody will take your rewards away.

It is time that we apply those awards such that they are not mere achievements ignored by employers. It is time that we can hold these awards accountable and say: we worked. Yes, we worked on your health care. Nobody charged “you” anything like the amounts spent on that research. We worked on that research, and we believed we saved lives. Despite that, “you” still say that portion of workers is unemployed, and “you” have said worse about them. We have heard worse about us because that Almighty Buck did not stop here, so it did not account for us, all.

On the ballot, we accounted for taxes that paid for research. Was that really fair? I have my so-many arguments against it because such measures only sound good. For some reason, such ballot measures sound better than the cure, for unemployment. The point here is in general funds, and where it flows. It has not flowed back into the hands of the awarded, especially when the ballot continually plugs it by such measures.

“There is an app for that” like any other gimmick on your hand-held. Yes, that is in your hands now. Lets feature BOINC on it, not as any gimmick except it does use energy, “our” energy, which does require work for that energy. When anybody searches for employment, they ask for an app. And yes, somehow people said an app is short for “application” and-so an application means nothing about how we apply (for jobs).

Reality check, please.

Us programmers write applications. BOINC is an application. We all want you as the employer, yet such app does not require that you sign your life away with human employees. Computers are people, so we think in ways that you can employ computers, as that extends us; yes, it is an extension of us. In other words, we compared the tinker to the thinker. We compared the mallet to the palette. We know when the user is not the consumer. With these applications, not everybody needs the brains of the programmer in order to hire computers that work for “you”. We need an app that lets anybody defeat unemployment, globally.

The World Grid employs computers. “You” provide energy for the computer, and BOINC shuffles work from the World Grid onto and around other work you do on the computer. In that sense, the computer does not go out to lunch when you do, so overall you are more productive, as energy flows; work continues.

I heard of one measure that considered reimbursement for electric cars that power the business next to where any of them park. Skip those details, and consider any mobile, like iPhone, Droid (android), iPad, laptops, or etc, that lets you get reimbursements for the energy your employer uses on your mobile. Further that thought until you receive any payment for such usage of your mobile; until, you are no longer considered unemployed.

Why that consideration has not happened sooner is anybodies guess. Network companies can no longer justify land-line maintenance costs in wireless coverage. Any “roam” capability of BOINC that costs us more, than on stationary PCs, exploits ill-justify costs that burden us back toward unemployment. We needed cures for the burdens that kept us unemployed. We needed the (free, expansion of ) connectivity for our mobile tools. This is one cure.

“Sheriff ordered overtime for deputies when they searched for his families' iPhone.”
– News teams said from our Capitol.