Saturday, March 2, 2013

G+ Volume: The Artificially Intellisensed Quality Selector

Did you know there are complete morons on here with more followers than you and that make more money from their blog posts than you, and they know they made moronic posts. They won't stop, and as long as they make money with/for their network provider, you know, their network provider won't stop them either. They know they piss you off for nothing real about their posts other than more promotions.

By no means are they secular or political, so that is when you can successfully compare such moronic content to drugs and porn. If you have the money for lawyers, you may win something against them. They fully know their freedom of speech or how that changes over the borders.

Anything positive? Sure, over the years we have moved them off traditional hardback resources to online only social media. Either that, or they have followed the bandwagon online in the laurels and novel ways. There they have been met with achievements and awards that. Now, you know, it would be quite an emotional scene for them to let go of such verification in this brave new world.

I never have blocked anybody online, but as far as we can throw their verified quantity, they have moved from G+ circle to G+ circle to 'there is no other choice but' to un-circle their quality.

Google+ added (quantity) volume selectors to the circled streams, and that has done wonders for business and reader speed. When I sit down at my desk here, I go through many posts very fast. I have done likewise for years, so that means do not make book-reports of everything I read. Tense of any article is one dead giveaway. If the article is nowhere near present or perfect tense, it is not worth anybody's time being called out for their professional opinion. If the article is about our reality now then, it is worth study speed.