Thursday, May 10, 2012

Real Estate: California Legalizes Plant Tax

Forward thought on how the State files its Federal tax forms, made from hemp. I wondered, then, if we consider that difference of individual sums, State sums, and double-entry accounts methods. I have seen people try plant simulations in virtual reality, and the “build” button on the online version of your realtor personality, not that you make any open house appointments with your mobile by name.

"The Open State," sounds like open government, and people expressed that means good because it is open. Since when did State and government mean the same thing? No, in the U.S. it is easier to think of federalists when you think of the government (or, else the State). Federalization is the global concept, and there is "" There is minimal blend of different governments outside the inherit order of towns. You know religion impacts views of township members, and that view, from that level, made the government appear closed.

[Note: "Free Building Permits" was already implemented in city law for those that conduct online.]

Hexagonal wireframes, those towns represent closed samples of open government, another words, the map. How much paper production is there for all other areas? I think we have that information already online with some level of indirection. We also know other areas that are the weeds on death row, or that is thought that counts down until extinction. This is where we rewrite that history further onto the best paper that survives.

The material of paper from the recycle bin, I hesitated on that thought of cleaner, efficient, and quiet extraction of green biomass into our barrels. I heard the price in barrels of crude oil, en passe. I have not heard that as much on DTV compared to before with NTSC. Maybe that means there are now town level recycle hubs for those barrels of green biomass.

[Note: Some simply reported away from price of the barrels to price at the pump, instead.]

There are town level recycle hubs for aluminum, many of them at the block level. They defaulted on pureness of the average recycled material. People cleaned their cans before they recycle for the higher rate of CRV return. If not at the block level, then the recycler is at the county level. I thought aluminum coins now seemed of value here and is just weed in other States.

Realtors know the value of wooden nickles. The scary story starts when nickles are the name of insects. I already figured the termites do not go into the green recycle. Do you use Round-Up or denatured alcohol? Do you value Round-Up, on your wooden nickle, or denatured alcohol? They already legalized the grapevine and know its effect, so that is tax on the agricultural nickle.

Not to worry, as virus level of e-Waste is unknown until further notice. You know the difference between bugs and biometrics, so you know the same difference between ag-biotech and electronic scanners. I have seen the essence of legions where the mechanoid perform layouts of its joints and use of fast-dry foam between each joint. I wondered at what point are such mechanoids no longer e-Waste.

When stove manufactures still produced their home version with maximum temperature above the level that paper ignites, I wondered at what point do we make the the paper plate friendly stove. Pizza bakes on paper. I wondered more about how home versions of fuel cells may generate gas for the stove on demand. Then, I thought about how the above now matters for biomass on demand. I hesitated on the home version of inductive surfaces (in the kitchen), as that sound less like something you want for your yard and more like for your garage.

Hydrogen gas, oxygen gas, and other minerals, combined, makes water. The cleaner the dihydrogen oxide, the easier we collected energy. We built new homes on scraped land, so I kept that on mind while I wrote the above from the perspective of the State. That makes the dark forest sound federal, yet more like the version of that dark forest in the middle of the desert with its own renewal cycles. It was one system under tax of the fruit, and it is another system on tax other than fruit. You know which one represents you.

California got smart about that and decided on incentives in paper leaves for cigarettes, like tobacco rolled with hemp leaves. They have been in stores with tax adjustments unknown, guesstimated, until now. We knew that much was already legal. It was an earlier offer on what they need later, and now there are E-Cigs, not by cancer-research advocates. Surprised? Blackberries grow like weeds in the grapevines, yet they are valued on other real estate. It was hemp leaves versus blackberry leaves until commercials that promote the E-Cig found their way on DTV, like the no-butts advertisements. I anticipated the market impact at the cigarette shelves when the “build” button includes crop selections instead of re-scraped land.

I avoided the inductive subject of E-Cigs that heat-up like the microwave oven because there exists houses with solar water heaters unexplored as an alternative to photovoltaic cells. It was the image of biomass in the E-Cig that represents you differently from legal redemption values, also, unexplored for any incentive to that build "button." No, it was the tax of prebuilt homes versus tax on homes not yet built, and how I doubt there is any tax equality between the two due to the condition of builds from recycled and renewable resources; that it redefined exotic plants and nurseries, and it redefined charitable contributions in barrels.

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