Monday, May 21, 2012

Playlists: D-TV, D-Radio, It's Free, But How Advanced?

Your iPad, or mobile, is capable for wireless reception of these free digital playlists. Premium services, however, have had loads of options for DVR, so what happened where one can and the other does? If your DTV is anything like mine, you see the playlists in the mundane scroll window. Where is the feature to auto-switch channels for what shows you chose from such mundane playlists? It looks like the mundane style was on purpose, so that it influences people's choice in premium boxes with monthly services bills over hardware you can one-time-buy yourself for DTV/D-Radio.

Note that with free digital TV and free digital radio there are many more options and channels available than previously possible. You notice that they are in #.# notation for channels now, with the decimal point or dash, #-#. The channel-6 broadcast now has 6.1, 6.2, and 6.3. Channel 8 has 8.1 through 8.6. With so many extra channels, I feel like each .1, .2, .3, etc could tune into each different camera location on the same show. They didn't do that, yet. Of course, each station still formats their channels the way cable and other “fangled” premium services want them.

Even without “white space” networking, there is much open air waves availables. There are so many air wave options now that you know the playlist is key when you want to know what is on.

I watched KXTV News, and I admired their playlist they put up on the side of the screen that shows the topics by the minute. I wanted the remote that lets me scroll their playlist and pick topics I want to watch. My fingers literal popped open the regular playlist and attempted to cursor to each topic. Of course, the normal playlist is by the hour and not up to the minute.

If each news station had up to the minute playlists, then I want the feature that lets me auto-switch between each channel by the minute for choice discussions. I thought of one reason why they do not do this even if so possible now; that is they still want you to watch their commercials. Is that why we are stuck with such mundane technology? All because of commercials. I thought YouTube had an answer for that with commercials played before actual content.

One simple change to the on-air playlist I like to see is the list of all current shows and songs instead them displayed by channel. Another change I like to see is the option to favorite shows and songs along with the option to favorite channels. The favorite button then could tune-in to these favorites.

When we considered how advanced this gets, I realized that broadcast is possible for bulk Internet content over digital TV and radio waves. Why continue to pay premium for bulk content that doesn't change much and was published freely? Our playlist might list the daily schedule of when these bulk transmission occur. Our PCs, mobile, iPads, cars, etc, all could scan for when those transmissions occur and tune-in for local storage of your favorites. Before you worry about how commercials would work, think about how events broadcast any content before you get there. Also consider how yesterday's most favored content, by everybody, is candidate for today's bulk content delivery.

I know we can, and have, made these playlists much more advanced before. I think there is much bureaucracy now due to premium services (“Big Carrier”), especially with rate limits over bulk content.  We technically solved this already.